Redrun: Dead Diary, Just 99 Cents This Week!

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Fans of hidden object games and murder mysteries can score G5’s noteworthy, gothic mystery, Redrum: Dead Diary, for 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad this week only, April 8-14, 2013.

Redrum: Dead Diary is a chilling psychological thriller that combines crime and the supernatural with a little girl, Rose, as the hero of the game. Rose can see dead people with mortal wishes left unfulfilled, who were killed unjustly. The gift gets her into trouble; her super-practical father fearing about his daughter’s sanity, puts her in custody of the aptly named homicidal maniac masquerading as a child psychiatrist – Dr. Sigmund Fraud. Dr. Fraud finds Rose’s case the perfect opportunity to get rich by saddling the father with medical bills. Luckily Rose’s uncle happens to be a detective and he smells a rat at the asylum. What’s more, Rose’s “imaginary friends” give her information that she passes on to her uncle. They help him crack the murder cases he’s investigating. Help the detective and Rose solve the gruesome murders and help Rose escape from the clutches of lobotomy and schizophrenia.

Redrum has a wonderfully creepy atmosphere, vivid and horrifying visuals and eerie music and a deep story you will want to experience right from the start. You’ll find that diabolical Dr. Fraud is one villain that you will really want to see go down, and the vulnerable Rose and her courageous uncle are two heroes you’ll really find yourself rooting for.

Each chapter in Redrum: Dead Diary starts with an article about a mysterious murder. Your task is to help poor girl deliver the message from the restless souls to her uncle. The game is filled with hidden object, finding picture parts and anagram puzzles that help you collect the clues. Some of the puzzles can get a bit challenging. For example, pictures of the human anatomy and you’re asked to pick out a particular bone from hundreds. While Rose plays puzzle games with her dead “friends”, she finds the clues that will solve the bloodcurdling murders. Examine crime scenes, match mosaic-like tiles and help Rose and her uncle outwit a homicidal maniac in this spine-chilling mystery.

So head over to iTunes and download Redrun: Dead Diary while the offer still lasts!


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