Rainbow Rock Tiles Cheats and Tips

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Rainbow Rock Tiles is a game that takes the “Don’t Step on the White Tile” game mechanics to a whole new levels, pairs them up with different colors that you have to tap and music as well, resulting in an extremely enjoyable product. And one that is really difficult to beat, so we’ve decided to come to your help with some Rainbow Rock Tiles cheats and tips that will surely help you get as far as possible in this great music game.

So without further ado, here are the Rainbow Rock Tiles tips & tricks you were looking for!

1. A new color every 5 tiles
It is pretty confusing at first, when you don’t know this, when to expect the change of the color of the tiles. Now you do: every 5 tiles, the color changes to a new one. So count in your head and prepare for a new one, while knowing that you can safely and quickly tap the same color tiles 5 times in a row. Probably the most important thing to know.

2. Play without music
I know that the exact thing that makes Rainbow Rock Tiles stand out from the crowd is the rhythm part of the game, but I found out that music is extremely distracting in the case of the game, and you need to be 100% focused on this one in order to get as far as possible. So turn off the sound of your iPhone or iPad and play it, counting the tiles. You will see that you’ll do a lot better!

3. Use more than one finger
If you’re a tech wizz, then you can easily use more than two fingers to play the game, one for each row and you’ll simply fly through the stages. For starters, though, it’s a huge advantage to use two fingers – one for the left side, one for the right side and whatever works for the middle. You save a lot of time and get to tap a lot faster with two fingers.

These are our tips and tricks that will help you master Rainbow Rock Tiles. Good luck!


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