Promote Your Clash Royale Clan Here

Now that we told you how to download & play Clash Royale on PC, you have no excuse not to promote your clan and take it to the next level – or join one of the most amazing clans out there. And it’s extremely simple, as we are here to help you share your clan in the comment section below, advertise and tell potential members why they should join and enjoy getting all the goodies and benefits from being part of a Clash Royale clan.

Why should you join a clan? Because that option is available once you reach level 3! Nah…I am joking! You shouldn’t join just because you have that option – joining a clan is very important because of one particular reason (right now): you can both donate and get cards to/from your clan mates and we all know that the more, the better. Although having more cards is clearly beneficial, it’s worth knowing that sending cards also rewards you with gold and XP, so being part of a clan is very important to help you progress much faster than those who are not or who are in a semi-active, useless clan.

Also, I am pretty sure that more features will come in the future, maybe some sort of Clash Royale clan wars as well – so it’s always a good idea to be in a very active, very strong clan. And if you don’t have that – use this article to build or get into one!

So how to get more members for your Clash Royale clan or promote your clan? Just leave a comment below and give all the details that you think are important about your clan, such as number of players and their levels, expectations and type of play/activity required. Those interested in joining a clan will simply look through the comments and join the clan they’re interested in. It’s simple and it’s a win-win situation.

Good luck and have fun!



  1. Lord Raizer Reply

    Hello guys I need some good players in my clan Nova We Creed.Want active players 2000 above.I hope you guys colud give support to me.At last TOGETHER WE STRONG.

    1. Clash Royale Reply

      Clan Name: AgainstTheTides
      Looking for active players that donate and participate regularly! Come join us! We’re great people and we want to grow with more that are like us 🙂

    2. Lord Oz Reply

      Clan Name: Hulk Smash
      Trophies: 0 Required
      Tag: Smash everything that moves or stand still
      Description: Come smash with us, you can be a brand new user with no trophies at all. Just keep earring them crowns.

      Your Lord,

    3. The Brotha Hood Reply

      The Brotha Hood

      Out here shreddin geeks

      2400 above, just starting out but join while you have the chance cause were goin to the top

    4. James Jones Dicus Reply

      Just Need people to join!!!!! Clan name is THE REAL META!! Has 19 people so far and we will be doing war soo Hurry up!! Before it’s too late!

    5. Unknown Reply

      Hello! My clan is looking for good players, and if you got what it takes we would love to have you! My clan name is “The PotatoChips” yes, i know i should’ve gone with a different name. anyways if you think you are a pro then join!

  2. Insulaner Reply

    Hi guys, new clan “No Excuses” looking for very active members, participation in clan chest events a must. Left several clans as I was fed up of donating / fighting big and weak clan leaders not booting inactive or low donating members. Free loaders not desired! #2PQG000J

  3. Chance Reply

    Hey guys wanna join a good clan come join FLANNEL SQUAD. The leader is Chance. No trophies required. All I ask is that you are kind donate if possible and have fun. If you want to be co-leader battle the leader or prove that you’ve grown. Just have fun and I hope we get some new members.

  4. SSNatsu Reply

    Join our new clan Cafe Amsterdam partnered with the clan Diamond breeze. 3/4 members in Cafe Amsterdam are ruling in legend arena one of them has more than 4000 trophies!

  5. Slash Reply

    Clan Name: blackswarm
    Symbol: Black Knight
    Clan Tag: #2YCG9YYJ
    Required Trophies: 2400

    Brand new clan looking for active members and people to hang out with! Join Us!

  6. Blake Reply

    Everybody join “Clash Gods” the clan tag is “2OVOYRUP” we are a new clan with some good players, very active, have fun, and we donate.

  7. coffeehouseguys Reply

    Clan Name: 0722
    Clan Tag: #20PV8J82
    1,000 Trophies To Join!
    Located In The USA!
    We Are An Open Invite!
    Find Us Soon!

  8. Josh Reply

    Join :EliteSmashers we just started and we are looking for some help. If you are looking for a clan EliteSmashers is for you. 🙂

  9. TheWeedMan Reply

    Hey Join Canadian ClashR! currently with 3 members around 3000k trophie range, must donate daily and participate in guild chest
    Clan tag:28GPJ82R

  10. Asher Reply

    Clan: Dovahkin
    Symbol: pekka with red horns
    Clan tag: #2PUQ2CC2
    Leader: Asher

    We are a new clan starting out, and looking for active members. Make sure you request and donate.

  11. J d Reply

    Clan: drunken clan

    Clan tag: #9RYOPJQQ

    Leader: jd

    Active clan with 28 members and nearly 23,000 clan trophies. Have fun don’t be a jerk. Most of all, have fun! ?

  12. Nathan Reply

    Hey my clans name is alphas
    6 members and growing
    All active players and happy to help teach and learn always looking for new players and extremly active

  13. Yolo Swag Man Reply

    Hey guys.. Looking for active members who….. Clan name is : Yolo Swag Men™ Donate 20 for elder and co is trust and better donation…Member should try to get as much clan chest as possible my name is Yolo Swag Man.. Join if you are active

  14. Timmy Reply


    join for a job like promoter (promote clan) search (leave to join other clans and get members) trainer (helps newbies) etc

    only 5 people but needs help

  15. Kiyomi Reply

    Are you looking for a active clan? Tired of clans that claim they have active members when they aren’t? Wanting a clan that will work for the 10th crown chest? Need help building your deck? Want to friendly battle?

    zombiekillerz just started 3/4/2017. Our clan tag is #2C08UV9J. But already we have 7 active members. I am clan leader Kiyo. Our clan won’t make promises we can’t keep. Active and friendly! That’s what we are about. We have 2 co-leaders currently. Nokomah and Opachii. There may be room for more in the future.

    Clan requirements;

    Must have [200] trophies.

    You must donate to members before receiving donations yourself. (We understand this is a little inconvenient. But donating is a small way of showing you are willing to help out & not just be a sitting duck.)

    You must help with crown chest event. (We understand you can’t be online 24/7, neither can we.)

  16. Kiyomi Reply

    Are you looking for a active clan? Tired of clans that claim they have active members when they aren’t? Wanting a clan that will work for the 10th crown chest? Need help building your deck? Want to friendly battle?

    zombiekillerz just started 3/4/2017. Our clan tag is #2C08UV9J. But already we have 7 active members. I am clan leader Kiyo. Our clan won’t make promises we can’t keep. Active and friendly! That’s what we are about. We have 2 co-leaders currently. Nokomah and Opachii. There may be room for more in the future.

    Clan requirements;

    Must have [200] trophies.

    You must donate to members before receiving donations yourself. (We understand this is a little inconvenient. But donating is a small way of showing you are willing to help out & not just be a sitting duck.)

    You must help with crown chest event. (We understand you can’t be online 24/7, neither can we.)

  17. thebat497 Reply

    Clan name: The A.F.F
    clan tag: #2R82PCPV
    Requires: active players, high donations and clan crowns, friendly players

    We are The African Friend Force and wish to build this into a legendary clan. We strive for kindness, high donations, good and active players and of course the clan crown chest. We hope that you join our clan and be part of our journey to greatness!!!

  18. Super Nova : Head of clan, alex2.0 Reply

    clan name: Super Nova
    clan tag: #2GGGLUUG
    requirements: donate be active and high amount of trophies in clan crown chest!

    we are rising stars, our quantity may be small for the moment but each one of us goes far

  19. ShaqWithTheShot Reply

    Join my clan GodsToRemember
    Stay loyal and donate respectfully to others.
    No fighting or inactivity, this clan is only for those who want a steady clash royale experience with tips on how to get better and how to bond with other clan mates. I’ll see you guys there ?I am currently at 3556 trophies and am still rising up.

  20. Daniel O Reply

    Clan name :Elite Creed. (With the red mountain emblem)
    We are ranked top 100 UK but still aiming higher.
    Very friendly and active clan.
    3800 required to join.
    The leader is Daniel o

  21. Bad Company Reply

    Holy Knights #2JJVLG8J
    Looking for members to join. I have 7 high lvl friends and family that will join as soon as I get a few members in. We always donate and we all get near 200 clan crowns for the chest every weekend!

  22. Synge Reply

    Looking for clan members we all donate and try help each other we are small but looking to grow come join us and let us grow as players together 600. trophies to get in
    Clan tag #2YQ8J9CQ

  23. LuigiBro2522 Reply

    Clan name: ☆F-22☆Raptor☆
    Type: Open
    Required Trophies: 0
    Clan Tag: # 252088YU

    New clan, we are looking for members who contribute to card donations and clan battle chest.

  24. OfficerFarva Reply

    Clan Name: Colton Cheeba
    Type: Open
    Required Trophies: 2000 (may make exceptions if it’s close)
    Clan Tag#28VRCOUJ

    Brand new chapter of our original clan (Colton Chronic). We are a family, and are looking to grow. Join us today and become a leader in our family!

  25. Max Reply

    Join our Clan


    Looking for dedicated people that are tired of LAME clans with a bunch or whiners, join ours!! We want fun people that are willing to donate and have fun!! Quick promotions!!

  26. FluffyTail Reply

    Join: Bellicose

    Quick promotions. It is however a baby clan & by that I mean it’s new.
    Trophies required: 0
    Clan type: open

  27. Faizan Mohammad Reply

    Are you currently looking for a clan, you have come to the right place.
    We are currently recruiting all active members to join our FAST GROWING clan. Join us friends, and we will rise to NUMBER 1!

    Clan name:BBK
    Clan tag: #VGPPCPU

    Hope to see you soon

  28. Eveileb Reply

    It would be cool if you checked our clan Huzzah #2PQ99V8Q. We are a new clan made by a group of friends, we are always active and always have atleast one coleader on throughout the day. As of this moment we are 5/50 members but we will have more very soon. We have high level players that can donate to you whatever you need.

  29. Austin Reply

    Clan name: CrownedChampion
    Logo: Blue background With Blue king
    Type: open at night, invite only by day.
    Trophies required: Currently 0
    Promo earns: loyal, donating and participating in crown events.
    Leader: COCFaker or SnoopDog

    Looking for active, fun member who participate and are loyal to the champions.
    And remember clash on.

  30. Jesse Reply

    Clan Tag: #292UQYPU
    Barely starting this clan, want it to be fun & an enjoyable clan. Looking for Active members that donate everyday!

  31. Aaron Reply

    I’m clan leader with 3700 looking for active dedicate members with any trophies the clan is called RED SHIFT #2PU9VVQ

  32. Oliver Reply

    Kool Kids Klan

    New clan, very active, looking for people to help start out, multiple high level players

  33. Pko Reply

    Hi, this is pko here…!!
    Leader – pko
    Clan Name – Warrior’s Roar.
    Clan tag – 2YGV2QQV
    Logo – Fire symbol on a black background.
    This is a startup clan , need ur support.
    I created this clan, so that every clan mate is valued & active. Donate cards &request them when needed….. “Let’s Grow & Let Grow”. Join this clan to grow dominance & power

  34. Pko Reply

    Hi, this is pko here…!!
    Leader – pko
    Clan Name – Warrior’s Roar.
    Clan tag – 2YGV2QQV
    Logo – Fire symbol on a black background.
    This is a startup clan , need ur support.
    I created this clan, so that every clan mate is valued & active. Donate cards &request them when needed….. “Let’s Grow & Let Grow”. Join this clan to grow dominance & power.

  35. Simon Reply

    simoniz here!
    Join my clan: Wu-Tang Clan
    Clan Tag = #22GPPVPQ
    logo – blue hammer
    required trophies 0
    bunch of fun guys swearing is allowed, we always get max rank clan chest even though we have lots of room!! Join up!!
    we donate everything we can!

  36. Sandman Reply

    Hey guys growing clan
    •you will be promoted to elder
    •donate often
    •great clan
    Name-das grankenhaus
    Code: #2YGCYJQO

  37. YungDaggerDikz Reply

    WANT FREE CARDS??? Join my clan YungDaggerDikz and I will give you any card you request and promote you to elder right away. See u in game!! My name is JohnCena and the clan is YungDaggerDikz

  38. A$Ap Reply

    JOIN “pw clash” we are really active although small at 11 members and we donate as much as we possibly can. Group of nice dudes who just wanna make the clan bigger

  39. ZakeeXD Reply

    Trini Legends
    Clan Tag :#2UQL9R2J
    We would like active members in our clan so when the clan chest comes along we can complete it also we just wanna have fun and be competitive among clan members

  40. Jeff Reply

    Pls join my clan the clan name is Underrated OG’s and the clan tag is #uc2jp9j and we have 38 members and trying to get to 50. We are a clan that is trying to get High trophies and want active people! Pls join

  41. syed mateen Reply

    LEADER: king mateen

    Want donations and free promotions? then you are at right place join here!! just one hour late for clan chest hurry up join here and we’ll collect together and grow bigger. 🙂 CLASH ON!!!!!

  42. SirDeep Reply

    ?[Recruiting]? Im sooo Zen ? clan ?? #P99UUJL ?JOIN US!
    This is a new clan that accept people that know to behave in chat, active and willing to donate and fight for crowns.
    Elder at 50 donations at this moment (things will change in future) and about co will see. We need serious people willing to grow with us. We really need you! JOIN US!

    Im sooo Zen
    International clan
    Clan leader: Excess de ego
    Clan tag: #P99UUJL

    Be active
    No clan hopper
    Share your best replay so others can learn something new
    Any level is allowed
    0 trophies – To change in future
    Friendly people
    Discord users (not obligatory)
    Request cards daily and donate

    ***Say that you found this clan on appamped and get free elder***

  43. Devendra Reply

    Clan name: Infosys Pune
    Type: Open
    Required Trophies: 0
    Clan Tag: #2UQPYL2Y

    New clan, we are looking for members who contribute to card donations and clan battle chest.

  44. Dallas Reply

    Join are new clan called
    Elixir Express
    first 10 people to join get promoted to elder! Clan tag is #2CVRQJPR
    Our symbol is purple elixir!
    We need to get more people to help out with the clan chest! Also we donate a lot and make youtube videos as well! Join now!

  45. DaBeast Reply

    Clan Name: Request N Leave
    Leader: DaBeast
    Symbol: Lightening bolt
    Clan tag: #2YQ2RQPP

    Active members that donate
    Free coleader or elder whatever You want

  46. Edemolition Reply

    Join my clan called redemption, its developing and is going to become very good, my name is Edemolition and I am the leader

  47. Edemolition Reply

    Join my clan called redemption, its developing and is going to become very good, my name is Edemolition and I am the leader and plz be respectful

  48. Lukeedoo Reply

    Join my clan. GalaxyRealm

    The clan tag name #2LJLLQPC

    Please join and share. AND DONATE CARDS

    CLAN icon is three headded spear

  49. Steph Reply

    Clan Name: Hit N Run

    Clan tag: #2YY28JVQ

    As of now all are welcome, first 10 get promoted to elder ?

    Active donation and play

    Only have two members wish to expand

  50. Krishna Teja Reply

    Join our clan: 50Crowns. It is unique and easy to find. No trophy limitations. Anyone can join. Happy clashing.

  51. G1Beast Reply

    CLAN NAME: G1Beast
    Clan tropies: 22000
    Requirements: 1600 trophies
    Join its the most popular clan its so cool
    We always donate
    Clan tag: #28Y88YY8

  52. S74RBUCK86 Reply

    Clan Name: Pre-Loading….
    Leader: S74RBUCK86
    Requirements: 0 trophies, just active players. Clan is a 2nd feeder account for Loading…..
    Clan Tag: 2OQRYUOU

    As said in requirements this is a feeder clan for Loading…..
    We want to build this feeder clan up and then can mix players between the 2 so we can continue to grow. Elder and Co possibilities with active players and on top of that you can have a laugh with the rest of the flashers.


  53. Nyx Reply

    Epic clan : recently created. This clan is for active players only that will donate and will contribute to the clan chest.
    To make it available to all the trophies required is low??

  54. Alex Reply

    Hi I’m Alex and you should come join my new clan. We are small with only 7 people, but we all donate and we are active!!
    It’s called The Zesty Squad #UPVPQCU.
    You don’t need any amount of trophies.
    If you join you will be promoted to elder and if you donate enough you may become co leader. Thank you!!

  55. Callan Reply

    Hello my name is Callan and I’ve just recently made a clan. I’m at 3800 trophies and I have a friend who’s at 4000 trophies too. There is currently only 4 people but if I can get people to just join the clan the clan will flourish for sure. You don’t need to be high in trophies to join either! Check us out: 2R9LQJU8

  56. Nero Reply

    Clan: Excalyte
    Clan Tag:2PV2POPQ
    Trophy Required: 400+
    Requirements: Be active, friendly, donate, and play!


  57. Jesse Reply

    Join golden sun “.? Trying to make a very active guild ? First three will become co leader ☺️

  58. Suhel Reply

    Clan name: washebellas
    Clan tag: #vlgp906
    Clan description: join…this is a friendly clan for everyon,if yu arent active yu get kicked.all are welcome expect the clan hoopers#peace

    Please guys join ma clan we gonna have no discrimination

  59. Jiggy Santiago Reply

    Clan name: PhoKing Dynasty
    Clan tag: #2YCUPV8R
    Right now our required trophies are 1000
    We’re just looking for active members who’s looking to build with us. Me and the co leader are the only ones who participates regularly in clan events and donations. It would be great to find other members who share the same passion as we do. Ideally it would be nice to get to a point to host tourneys.

  60. Yoav Reply

    Clan name: static
    Clan tag: #VU89P88
    This is fresh new clan, minimum 1,000 trophies.. come and join us, we will get 10/10 as we are active 🙂

  61. KANE JOHNSON Reply

    CLAN TAG———– #2GCJ2OCC


  62. PandaFinesse Reply

    Join Lil Royales 3.0
    We are a sister clan to The Royales 3.0 and we are looking for new recruits. We are a fun active clan who push and help each other do better. Come take a look at us.
    Clan tag #2qropccr

  63. Amanda Reply

    Royale w/cheez

    Tag: #288282qv

    We’re friendly yet competitive! We’re small right now.. but we’ve been playing the game for a long time so we know a thing or 2 🙂 We strive to win every clan chest! Join our clan. We are all about donating to one another and helping each other succeed!!

  64. sir13 Reply

    We are Clashcraft #2Y02RCYV a new clan with active players from an old clan, we are active, donate, and play clan chest but need more members to grown, if you are looking for a good clan join us, we would like to have you!! see you!

  65. Devious Reply

    Looking to build a clan that will crush clan chests and donate every day and week. Clan Name is Phat CoC. Tag is: #8PLYV8VP anyone can join!

  66. 91 Reply

    Trying to build an active clan.
    Clan name: clan91
    Clan #82R222RQ
    Clan symbol: white shield w/ black skull

    Clan battle and chest requirements to stay in and top players each week are promoted.

  67. Rob Creek Reply

    VETERANS! and any one relevant to them! Join in and have a relaxing fun time! Dedication to the clan but its not your life! Come on in and be accepted and motivated!

  68. Zentrais Reply

    Join my clan (Noah’s ARK) it’s me and some of my friends and family, I add people to elder if they ask and we just try and have fun so come and join!

  69. RANTII Reply

    Comment:join OUR CLAN ( BLACK AND WHITE ) LEADER NAME – RANTII … really good clan with your help we together become more strong and successful clan join before clan chest start !!!!???????????????

  70. Youth Reply

    Hello guys
    I would appreciate if you join my clan name:habesoda(cure)…we only want active members and clan hoopers are not allowed
    Quick promotions and all are welcome:)

  71. Youth Reply

    Well guys thank you we have already got three members and they are co-leaders now well dont forget the clan name is HABESODA(CURE).we need some active players guys so that we can particpate too.thank you:)

  72. Beau Reply

    Join me my clan is called The Bk Brethren. We have four members and I am lvl 10 and can donate anything to you. Also first few members get elder. Check it out thabks

  73. Xx_YOURBOI_xX Reply

    Join My clan! It’s for chick fil a lovers! Need players. I will give all the cards u need when u join. #28G2LJ90

  74. Berryl Reply

    Hey there! I just created my own clan: Queens of Clash (28RCUQCV). I decided to have my own clan after trying so many others where the rules were not followed and the leaders broke them many times. This will be a fair clan, with decent rules and friendly people who want to have fun but also grow the clan together. Hope to see you soon in the game! Thanks!

  75. Crutch Reply

    DDA north America . Yellow shield with a green tree . Looking for active members who donate consistently . Currently have 35 members, all of which who donate hundreds per week. Have fun and join now

  76. @OnDeck3 Reply

    Please join my clan it is called TeamDestiny and my clan tag is #8YLUOLYV , if u join I’ll also shout u out in my clan for who ever joins first thank u 🙂

  77. Nova Reply

    Join us at, ⚡️Sparks⚡️. We are really kind,friendly and generally good people. Trophy requirements are 0, clan score is 10000+ with 10 memebers. This clan was made 3 days ago. We are growing really fast! So join and feel at home. We will be very strict about the rules, so follow them. We are looking for active members! Make sure to donate and contribute to the clan well. Earn co with trust. Clan Name: ⚡️Sparks⚡️, Clan Tag: #2JLOGR9V. If interested join, feel free to join! Tell everyone about this clan!
    Clan leader: ⚡️BlackNova⚡️.
    We are really serious about clan chests so give your best!

  78. Ak357 Reply

    clan: awesome bros
    Yellow skull logo.
    Leader ak357

    our clan doesn’t ignore the donations or friendly/clan battles

  79. NomGuy Reply

    Join our Clan

    Name of Clan: Funny Bones
    Location: International
    Clan Tag: #2QLU2R8V

    Be Funny, Play Cool, Make Everyone else Fool..
    2300+ Trophies gets CO-Leader
    1800+ Trophies gets Elder
    1000+ Donations/Week gets CO-Leader
    500+ Donations/Week gets Elder
    Don’t Abuse

  80. Shellie Reply

    Clan: immortal kings
    Clan symbol: purple background white scull
    Right now there is only 10 people but we’re active an lookin get for active members.
    Clan leader is me #heretookickass
    Clan tag #2PCOUPPR

  81. Call of Duty Reply

    Clan : Call of Duty
    Logo : Black Skull
    Tag #8OQUYOCV

    Active members, good clan battle and clan chest rewards. Daily donations, friendly battles.

    Join here

  82. Sean Worrell Reply

    Hello everyone my name is Sean Worrell. I’m looking to promote my clan. My username is Sean the Goalie, and the clan name is VCanuckFans. The clan tag is #2PYOR22G. Elder is free and the badge is a blue pekka. The required trophies is 0 and the location is international. Hope to see you there!

  83. Ty Reply

    Hi my username is Fireblazeseidel. I speak english. Any player (you must be very active and play daily) in arenas 4+ can join. Right now, the required trophies amount is [0], but, this is only for 2 of my friends to join. Then it will most likely go up to [800] trophies (as of 6/3/17). I am in arena 8 but i have been in arena 9. I was in a very good clan that was 50/50 payers and got 10/10 on every chest. I left that clan to make my own clan and i hope to 1 day have a clan like that. Please join if you meet the requirements. Also, first 2 people who join get to be elder. Also, if you joined my clan because of this, please let me know. So, please join (sorry if this sounds all girly and nice but i am trying to seem the best as possible)! The clan name in Fireblaze. The clan tag is #2G0Y9CCQ. Pls join very lonely.

  84. Logan Reply

    Clan name: sphealcookies
    Details: 2 players (including me) thats it. I used to have a lot but they all left 🙁

  85. J Reply

    [0] atticmonkeys #2rjppvcv
    Join now and once I reach 20 members ill invite my old clan members arena 11 and above.. 🙂

  86. Jazmyn Reply

    Clan name: VIN & JAY
    Clan tag: #2YLRUCJC

    Trying to grow a clan where everyone donates and participates. Don’t be rude or disrespectful to anyone.

  87. Malek Reply

    Clans name: 10th Planet
    TAG: #2R2U8P8Y

    I just made this clan and I am looking for players who can join and help me grow this clan into a strong magnificent clan. We will try to complete all chest, donate our hand full of donationstuff and continue striving till excellence please join.

  88. Valentin Reply

    Come join our clan, created by a few danish players, but all are welcome.

    Clan name: ClanofTheNorth
    Members: currently 5
    Location: Denmark

    It’s created today, but all current members are active every day and agree to be a push clan.

  89. Lucas Reply

    Name- Shmashers
    Clan Tag- #2RY9JORP

    I just made this clan and I really want to build it up! Please join… -First 5 co- Next 10 elders -Rest members unless earned by trust and donations-

  90. Brutal Brunch Reply

    CLAN ID: #28Y22CCQ

    WHY JOIN ?: New clan seeking good and respectful players all over the world. This clan is an OPEN-TO-ALL. Help the clan and yourself grow to become the BEAST! Join us, WORLD! ||Donations are compulsory.||

  91. Mr Dam7a Reply

    Clan name: Leb Forces
    Tag: #2RLQCQL2
    Requirements: 3000 trphs

    We R BacK, Join us for free super decks/week , elders for free and co- by 700 donations!
    If you are a hog hero , if u want to learn how to make a 2min strategy with the best deck & if u are an active player, come & join us!!

  92. Matt Reply

    Join our clan:
    Name: Tear of Harambe
    Tag# 2GYJPY02
    Requirements 2200 trophies

    donations and help in clan chest required. New clan just trying to have fun and be competitive. Everyone welcome!

  93. lucas gibbz Reply

    clan: y u lyin

    beast mode clan looking to get level 10 clan chest every week, everyone donates, high levels

  94. Ahmedsalahrady Reply

    Hi gamers, please do check out Bane™ (#88vq0gj9)

    We are more than happy to welcome you to the family!

    More about us:
    Our clan is established on 25 June 2017 and we have manage to recruit active members. We are looking forward to reach local top by your helping hand .

    Thank you for reading!

  95. Rahul.s.yeldi Reply

    Clan tropies: 22000
    Requirements: 0TROPHIES
    Join its the most popular clan its so cool
    We always donate
    Clan tag: #2RCRLV08

  96. ... Reply

    Clan name : Dark infernal
    Tag = #2QUCG8GJ
    Leader : Supermani
    Join us, fill requests and earn clan chest crowns to improve this clan
    We’re friendly and we’re active
    Join us ?

  97. Rulimba Reply

    Clan name: franc0nas
    Clan tag: #2CVJQ20G

    active clan looking for active people, expecting 200 donations / week and 30 crowns in clan chest.

    Lets have fun

  98. Grady Reply

    Join my clan
    Clan name : Pikachu Lovers!
    Logo : Purple with white lightning
    Clan tag : #2RR92J09

    We are new and looking for active people 😀

  99. Jocy Reply

    Clan name: Supreme Team
    Clan tag: #2JU9L02P
    Join my clan! We need more active player who donate and are willing to communicate with others! ANYONE IS WELCOME,

  100. Blah Reply

    Clan name: Fallen Shadow
    Leader is zForensic
    Badge: black skull

    Join our clan and the first 5 will get elder, we are a friendly dedicated clan

  101. Captain Reply

    Join our new clan Capel Pirates! Have an experienced leader and are looking for new players around 1000 trophies. All members active for the clan chest, open to promoting new members who are friendly.

    “Capel Pirates”


  102. SS685 Reply

    Clan Name: Bungol Beeple
    Clan Tag: #8PGUOU9Y
    (Note: the O in clan tag may be a 0)
    Badge: 4 leaf clover, black backround
    Everyone is welcome!

    I’m at 3200 trophies trying to make a new clan since my old one was ruined by the leader. Everyone is welcome so long as you are active and donate. Those two things as well as being a long-term member of the clan will get you elder and above. Can’t wait to see the clan grow!

  103. Co2 Reply

    Hey anyone who’s reading and looking for a new clan. Me and 10 others just started a new clan.

    CALLED – Canada crazier – any one is welcome.
    No min trophy yet. Just want to see some active players.

    Clan tag #2VR2Q2C8


  104. alexzander Reply

    Vat Vas

    Just looking for a few active members to join my clan is very small
    About 340 donations a week
    An open clan
    Min trophies 400
    Clan tag #2U8CPQ0R

  105. MB Reply

    Name: Bloodfire
    Tag: 2CQ229JJ

    We’ve just got the Clan Chest with 12 mates!

    We don’t have strict requirements but, of course, we will expect your contribution.

  106. Trickster Reply

    We go by the name The Hornet. Clan tag #8Y20RQ9P. This clan requires active players. There is also a great chance of being promoted to Co-leader. We will also provide tips and techniques for new players. The minimum required trophies are 200

  107. Darth Rex Reply

    Name: Ancient Paladin
    Tag: #QRUJRVL
    Required Trophies: 1000

    • 20+ Strong Players and growing
    •10K+ Donations weekly!
    • Monthly Refreshes to keep the clan free from inactive players or non-donators.
    • Competitive and Active Clanmembers to chat with and battle against.
    • This is a Friendly and Mature community, anyone is more than welcome to join.

  108. Darth Rex Reply

    Name: Ancient Paladin
    Tag: QRUJRVL
    Req. Trophies: 1000
    《Active members/Leaders》
    • 20+ Strong Players and growing
    •10K+ Donations weekly!
    • Monthly Refreshes to keep the clan free from inactive players or non-donators.
    • Competitive and Active Clanmembers to chat with and battle against.
    • This is a Friendly and Mature community, anyone is more than welcome to join.

  109. Degan Reply

    Join my clan please!!
    Need more people that are active.
    Currently 12 people in clan
    Leader is Icestorm (me)

  110. zelstark Reply

    DirtyBoyz! #2QUOLJQ8 Strong clan, weekly clan tournaments to help each other learn and grow, reward for being active, kick for not being active, anyone over 1800 trophies welcome!

  111. Nick parsons Reply

    Join my clan
    Name: warriors
    Leader: nick1015
    Clan tag: #8G9YY88P

    Elder is earned by respect, donating, and participation in clan chests. Co is given to people who deserve it by showing their maximum effort.

    Thanks for reading. Please join

  112. Hunter Steinau Reply

    Clan Name: The Seven
    Clan Tag: 8Q28QJUU

    Hey guys The Seven is a great clan and is open to anyone from 0 to the highest possible number. It is open to anyone!!! We are a very fun clan and we are looking for active people who donate and contribute. They’re are no rules in the clan except to go out and have fun!!!

  113. Daniel Reply

    Everyone join my clan, CORNHUSKERS. After doing some cleaning in inactives we were low in numbers which caused me to promote a guy who kicked everyone out.. All I ask is that you donate and participate in clan chests. Clan tag: CG08GP

  114. Daniel Reply

    Everyone join my clan, CORNHUSKERS. After doing some cleaning in inactives we were low in numbers which caused me to promote a guy who kicked everyone out.. All I ask is that you donate and participate in clan chests and trophy requirements start at 2400. Clan tag: CG08GP

  115. Pizzadog Reply

    Clan name: bagel world

    We focus on clan chests getting 10/10. Chest hasn’t started yet this week if you would like to join.

  116. SpiritDragon99 Reply

    Clan Name:ClashSpirit!
    We focus on getting at least a 2 for clan chest.Join to have lots of fun!My name is SpiritDragon99 arena 7

  117. Theearrol Reply

    Clan name: MomSaidIWasGood
    Currently at 10 members and always donate everything! Just with 10 members we are still pretty good at hitting a high clan chest! All is welcome.

  118. KINGkong Reply

    Join our clan Unggoys!
    Active, fun and social clan! Everyone is welcome as long as you’re going to be active. help with the chest and donate!

    There are currently 21 actice members now. Don’t miss your chance and let’s woek togethed and make the fam’ bigger ! peace!

  119. Nicholas Sweeney Reply

    Guys! I just made a new clan! It’s called
    LeagueOfPhoenix, and I am a YouTuber with over 200 subs and Will give u all the opportunity to be in a video with me as well as collab and join a great clan! It’s the one with the Lightning bolt symbol

  120. Some guy Reply

    Yeah!! Tiny Rick!! Join our clan, just a bunch of guys playing clash royale and watching rick and morty!! Join: Tiny Rick. And get Schwifty!! Or not, I dunno, I guess its up to you, i don’t Know, wubalubadubdub!

  121. Abhishek Reply

    Active New Clan – Clash Rumble #8UVRPJUR

    The clan is recruiting active members. Everyone who loves the game is welcome to join. Happy Clashing !!
    Any questions,queries I will be happy to answer.

  122. Dcooldude Reply

    7D Rocks
    30000 trophy clan
    Active players with high donations
    Players should be above frozen peak (2200)
    The clan tag is irrelevant
    30+ crowns in clan chests
    Donations to be 300 plus by the end of every week.

  123. Slc boss Reply

    Clan name: no time 4 games (no caps)

    Smaller time clan
    VERY active
    Looking for active and engaging players
    I’ve been part of this clan for a while, everyone’s keen to donate when possible and engage in friendly battles and gain as many crowns as possible
    Only condition is to be active and respectable

    Please join

  124. AwesomeClash Reply

    Hey guys plz join my newly made clan. It is called speedybirds which I know isn’t a.very good name. But I am super active and hope u will join. U just have to have 1000 trophies. I have 3400.right now:-) hope u guys join!!!

  125. Assassin Reply

    #8GQRJPPV this is the tag of my new clans I have just made it..rules are really simole amd fun just be loyal and dm in clan chats and share your replay..simple..!! I need some really nice members no need to be of high level we need just good players..enjoy and keep clashing btw clan name is DARKROYALE

  126. poopswirl Reply

    Hi, we are a new clan that sprung from an old inactive clan. We are open to new players looking for long term play. Requirements are low.

    So, what kind of player are we looking for? Relatively active players looking for a long term clan. Someone who respects other players in clan chat. If you are active but rather not chat, that is okay too. Someone who contributes to clan chests and donates, not necessarily have to be regularly.

    Clan name : Crashing It
    Clan tag : #8RGOJPCC

  127. CrazyWolf Reply

    Hey guys & girls I’m looking for active and loyal clan members. I just made a new clan called ” Rezi Kingdom ” hopefully you will decide to join we would love to have you. Clan leaders name is King Slick

  128. Veralyne Reply

    Hey Guys! Kindly join Alpha Apprentice. New clan and is the only clan with that name. Clan Tag: #88GUVRRV. Active and loyal players are welcome. ?

  129. Mon Chou Reply

    Hi, Just started a clan called glandoulf, we are 7 friends between 2400 and 3900 trophies. We have two legendary arena players. We like to play 2v2 a lot or start funny little challenges on the weekends. We are mostly in it to have fun but need more members to finish the clan chest. tab:#2VVVR9YV. Th emin required trophy is 1600.

  130. Bhavya Bhardwaj Reply

    Join the clan The INDIANS ♠️⭐ , tag: #88qqv9yl , we accept everybody as long as you know English/ hindi . Feel free to join. HURRAY!

  131. RAMBO Reply

    JOIN ELITEROYALE tag:2GCCORL2 we have 50 members now about 23k trophies
    i am looking for players over arena 4 we are active 10/10 clan chest
    if you want to join the clan just ask me on wiki recruitment board or here

  132. Katie Reply

    Donates lots must be active daily
    Be friendly and enjoy 🙂


  133. J DOG Reply

    Starting a new clan after leader became a jerk and dumped.

    Been active for a couple years now. Come play and grow.

    Clan = 3.3.0. #8RVUP8QC

  134. Flamyst Reply

    Join us! Singapore based clan Royalei #8QLOJC. No minimum trophy. As long as you donate actively. 34k clan score, 9k donation weekly.

  135. Dude Reply

    Hey guys. Join my clan NOVA JNR with the leader as THE LEGEND. This is a new clan and I expect all members to be active and loyal. Any trophies are fine.

  136. Mr. Nobody Reply

    Join Steel Warriors.
    If you are searching for an active clan, you just found it!
    Rules:be active at least 2-3 day a week, donate, be nice and make at least 50 crowns at clan chests.
    Say Hi!

  137. Drippykam Reply

    instinct mafia #98vv8rcc I need active fun player like me I’m currently, in silver lendgenday so I can give advice and push u more.

  138. Lord BOOM Reply

    Hello our clan ‘SCMC’ is looking for members
    Clan status is re-aranged every week after the chest challenge. We actively donate cards, create tournaments, play 2 vs 2 and practice battles.

  139. vladfirstdc Reply


  140. Snbvig Reply

    Kings to be : #8V99YGQQ

    Cozy, friendly environment. Our main focus: collecting as many clan chest together, card requesting… Come join us, we are active no requirements

  141. Unicorn Reply

    Join cats4life! It is very important to me. We can all grow together to be a great team and fight like lions! Anyone at all can join, so please do.


  142. Unicorn Reply

    Join cats4life! It is very important to me. We can all grow together to be a great team and fight like lions! Anyone at all can join, so please do.It will be a fun exciting environment.


  143. RyGuy Reply

    Hey guys my new clan is open and looking for people to join! The clan name is sort of complicated so here is the tag#8URJPQGP

  144. Yeshu Reply

    Hi guys I have started a clan for good donation and clan chest participation and for fun
    If anyone are intrested in it plz join resurrection clan leader yeshu yashwanth
    Clan tag #8y99cv8l

  145. vladfirstdc Reply


  146. Destructor Reply

    The clan name is elite squad.It has a lightning symbol.All members donate generously and play frequently.There are multiple arena 7’s in the clan and each member is progressing rapidly.Whoever joins will be welcome in the clan.

  147. Travis Beckler Reply

    Join my clan! Towers of Power is the name. I just started it and my username is Supercell. 1000 trophies to join.

    1. Destructor Reply

      Travis join my clan. It has seven members, multiple are arena 8. It had 5000+ trophies, and everyone donates and plays frequently

  148. Brandon Mellon Reply

    *Shadows Edge* – 10/10 Crown Chest Every Time!

    Looking for active players that donate regularly. 10 crowns minimum and 50 donations. If you think you have what it takes to join this clan… join Shadow’s Edge TODAY!

    **CLAN INFO**

    Clan Score: 10150
    Donations/Week: 198
    Type: Open
    Required Trophies: 1400
    Location: International
    Clan Tag: #90GLY889

  149. Issac Dacey Reply

    Plz join our clan!! Need more active players!!! I have kicked out nactive members so now you can help me fill this clan with ACTIVE members. U can help us get 10/10 on clan chest and we will help u with requests, advice or anything you need!!! Clan tag: #Q8LULO, BATTLE DAWGS Required trophies: 2800 Location: US
    Type: Open

  150. shreeji patel Reply

    hey guys join my clan – clam tag is #8RVJG8JO anyone can join promotions are given every week.hope i see yall in my clan soon. join as soon as possible

  151. John Reply

    SIDE NOTE: You may not ask for elder. Elder is earned, not given.

    If youre intrested in joining a clan, Join me! The name is Golden Blade. Our clan tag is #8GJOYPCG

    I just left my last clan of 2500+ trophies because I would like to start from scratch. I used to own the clan “Shysters” but I left in hopes to build up a stronger more active clan.

    Must be active to play and get trophies for the crown chest. If you do not get trophies, you WILL be kicked after two weeks.

    This clan is 1000+ trophies.

  152. Natz Reply

    Created New Clan as Previous Leaders were none existent.
    All our members are strong players that are very active who donate daily and are very dedicated to clan chests.
    Plenty of space, so please join a dynamic team and lets have fun!!!!

    Clan Name: The Gauntlit
    Clan Code: #8JV8GJUL

  153. Cr1to77 Reply

    Brand new clan started 1/1/18

    Promotions for active members each week.

    Tournaments for members only at least every month .

    Inactives at shot.

    Please join us Aussie Attack™ #992G92CV

  154. Aarsh Khare Reply

    Lords of Light (Free Co-leader)
    Are you looking to rise in Clash Royale? Well you’ve come to the right place. This clan is a brand new one looking for active members.
    Will make all new members Co Leaders
    Join fast as we rise to conquer Clash Royale
    Clan: Lords of Light

  155. Unearth Reply

    Looking for loyal players that just want to have fun, donate and get trophies for clan chest. Clan name is Unearth. Let’s make this clan raise to the top!will you help me?

  156. That Guy Reply

    Clan code: #9PQQVJ8R
    Type:OPEN/2000+ RISING


  157. Elliott Reply

    Hi I have just started a new clan and am looking for new recruits it’s called: Gondor Gamers. It’s the only clan with that name so it is easy to find. My username is Gilly2004YT

  158. Liz Di Criscio Reply

    Start-Up Clan: Northumbria #98V9YV02

    Looking for active members so we can blow the metaphorical roof off that b**ch.

    No minimum trophies required

    Join us yo

  159. Kamna Reply

    Clan name: clanRoyale
    Looking for active members to contribute to the clan. Currently we are two members. One at 3400 trophies and another one at 2660. Looking to expand the clan.

  160. Kian.jason Reply

    BRAND NEW CLAN! Looking for new ACTIVE members! Maybe looking for more co-leaders too. MUST PLAY DURING CLAN CHEST AND MUST DONATE! If you don’t donate or play during clan chest you will be kicked. Really just looking for chill down the earth people to play with. If you’re looking to have a good time playing the game JOIN! My username is kian.jason. The clan name is TopTier TAG #9LRVVRY9

  161. Dennis Reply

    Hi my clans name is Jordan… It symbol is a red flame in a black background….. I have 3 members… It’s open to anyone…. All am asking for is that you be friendly. And participate in our clan chest..


  162. legendary Reply

    Join my #89q8CP88 (Plus ultra)
    We donate troops need great members
    We take everyone in our clan . we do our best in clan chest . we need members who donate well

  163. legendary Reply

    Join my #89q8CP88 (Plus ultra)
    We donate troops need great members
    We take everyone in our clan . we do our best in clan chest . we need members who donate well Join fast

  164. Brook Reply

    Hey guys, some friends and I have started a clan, where we have come up with a system to boost clan trophies as well as your own. We’re just recently getting started so don’t let the small numbers scare you! We know how to change that quickly, all we need is memebers willing to follow the system. Check us out @ Classiik

  165. Peanut001 Reply

    New clan available! Join Knightly Cadets. It’s clan where you don’t have to feel pressured by having an amount of wins or keeping a certain amount of trophies. You can just have fun and enjoy the game without taking it seriously if you don’t want. We will donate to you if you request.

  166. Felicia Reply

    Started a new clan. Won’t kick you out If u lose a battle but do want u to donate crowns. Its a team effort and takes everyone on a team to get more rewards. Come have fun and join our clan. We are black angels

  167. Dylan, rubix Reply

    Hi all, I am needing some loyal players that will stay active, donate and help with clan wars. I’ve made the required trophies 2000, hopefully it’s not a stretch to find players.
    Clan name: SwordForce!
    Clan tag: #922P9JLU

  168. NIGHTMARE Reply

    Trying to build a clan. help me guys and join my clan. the clan name is H.O.U.S.E.(HOME OF UNIQUE, SPECIAL &ELITES) CLAN TAG IS 9LLC0G09

  169. Praveen Raja Reply

    Clan name : ♠️.X-MEN.♠️
    Clan tag : #PP09PO82
    Required trophies : 3000
    Need active players for war , friendly battles and to donate.
    Type : open.
    Promotion is based on players activity.

  170. Zorkin Reply

    Can name is lonely king

    Leader is zorkin. We need a 2000 tropied 8, sp contains player, and we will donate upto jungle arena cards

  171. Alan Shaji Reply

    Join the Pelican Express!!!!

    We are looking for active members and promotions are easy to obtain.

    Elder-be above 1500 and bring 1 active person into the clan

    Coleader-be above 2900 and bring 2 active people above 2700

    Join the Pelican Express now!!!!!

  172. Kieran Clash Reply

    Hello my clan is The Lemon Tree. We are starting a new clan with no trophies required but hopes of high level players. We want active players that donate and participate in wars if they are lvl 8 or above. The clan tag is #9QJV80VC

  173. Richard Torrey Reply

    team762mm < New clan for clash royal

    Please join we are a new friendly clan who want to build up our player base 🙂

  174. BananaPuppy Reply

    Please join my clan i am 3800+ we have a couple members and we all play 24/7. The clan name is wacK and our flag is purple! Look for my username BananaPuppy to find the right one! Our clan tag is #9JLLPQPP Love you all 😉

  175. GettnSehway Reply

    Join Sp4rt4nZ
    Home of the ruthless and merciless.
    Our strongest member is in Challenger 1, we’re a new upcoming clan just created today looking for a few good warriors to rise through the ranks leaving blood trails of our enemies on the path the victory.

  176. Jordan Reply

    Join Uk Instinctsz
    Clan tag is #9U2CGU0C

    This is a British based clan I made it because i won’t people to come and enjoy some clash have a good laugh with the members donate to help each other and fight as a team to climb that ladder of success 1st 10 people to join will automatically get promotion!

  177. Gary Reply

    HI, guys
    im here to promote my clan. it is a active clan, always participating in war, every member donates and trade cards, always between 1450~1800 clan thophies. Brazilian clan for members with 2600 or more trophies. Plz,if you dont have clan or know someone who wants to join a good clan, you re welcome.
    Clan infos (23/10/2018 03:38 pm):
    clan score: 28592
    required trophies: 2600
    clan tag: #99CCU222

  178. Joe Reply

    I just started my clan. I am in challenger 3 and the required trophies are 0, anyone can join as long as your active. Anyone inactive will be kicked. The clan name is IGSavages and the leader is KingPig.

  179. Brittney Hoffman Reply

    Is Dabbin!
    Just started! Has me (micro nugget) and my boyfriend (XjewfroX)

    We would live to get some members!!! Need 2600 trophies. And we understand life can be busy just so be active when you can and try and participate in wars:)

  180. Caleb Heyden Reply

    The clan name is CoC Doc and it’s a startup but when we get it going we will crush. I’m 4000 trophy’s and the other player in my can is also 4000 trophy’s and we are super active. Thanks

  181. Ryan Ciavarra Reply

    pls join my clash Royale clan it is called hexnation

    I am the leader ryanpie23 and I have put countless hours into clash Royale. I really want to grow a clan but my friends don’t think I will be able. Please join I will give u elder automatically

  182. Petyr baelish Reply

    CLAN NAME: figli di tRoyal
    Required trophies: 4300+
    Location: Italy
    Recruiting active and strong players in war

  183. Pogodeamon Reply

    Clan name: Stone Cold
    Clan tag: #202GY8J

    We are in need of some players. We are here to help all clanmates. Very high donating clan! Very active and war nonstop!!!

  184. Slippy Fister Reply

    Join Pier Polio on Clash Royale, we’re active but super small and we donate a lot. Btw were also in chat a lot so we’re not dead and we’re toxic but fun at the same time so get your ass in here. And if you join I can give you any legendary that you need atm

  185. Joe maths Reply

    Join our clan Crzy Fkn Vegans #p90vl8u9 !!! we are active, war after war, donations after donations. We have the best clan members who are all active friendly and ready to go to war. Join now with minimum requirements of being active, donate donate donate, and climb with the support of your clan mates!!!. #newclan

  186. Manu Reply

    Hi,join my clan ”The Badger’s” #PV2GLLUY
    Clan made to have wars and fun (we are active,wars will start after we are 10+,we are 3 at the moment)
    Trophies required:3000

    1.Dont say bad and racist words
    2.Be active
    3.Help others
    4.Use all your attacks in the war.

    So please join guys,so we can start the wars.

  187. Alex Patsias Reply

    The clan is called MIDGET ARMY.
    It has 47 members, of which the top ten are between 3000 and 4700 trophies. We need a few more active members of about 2000+ trophies. The clan is currently active but has a few too many low level members and needs a few more high level members.
    We start clan wars every Tuesday and every Friday and participation is required in at least 3 out of 4 clan wars.
    We aim to have fun and get in a high clan war league.

  188. Abhishek mishra Reply

    Want active members for my clan
    I will make you instant elder
    Co-leader depends on your donation
    Clan tag – #YR8R2JVG
    Please join my clan

  189. Max Mustermann Reply

    clan name: Pottholes
    trophies: 0 trophies needed
    region: international

    active members for our new clan wanted!

  190. Adam Legend Reply

    Hey guys, Me and my friend created a new clan called Midnight Chill. We are both very active and currently have 5 members starting off. We are looking for relatively active members who will participate in clan wars. Hope to see you there 😉

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