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Now that we told you how to download & play Clash Royale on PC, you have no excuse not to promote your clan and take it to the next level – or join one of the most amazing clans out there. And it’s extremely simple, as we are here to help you share your clan in the comment section below, advertise and tell potential members why they should join and enjoy getting all the goodies and benefits from being part of a Clash Royale clan.

Why should you join a clan? Because that option is available once you reach level 3! Nah…I am joking! You shouldn’t join just because you have that option – joining a clan is very important because of one particular reason (right now): you can both donate and get cards to/from your clan mates and we all know that the more, the better. Although having more cards is clearly beneficial, it’s worth knowing that sending cards also rewards you with gold and XP, so being part of a clan is very important to help you progress much faster than those who are not or who are in a semi-active, useless clan.

Also, I am pretty sure that more features will come in the future, maybe some sort of Clash Royale clan wars as well – so it’s always a good idea to be in a very active, very strong clan. And if you don’t have that – use this article to build or get into one!

So how to get more members for your Clash Royale clan or promote your clan? Just leave a comment below and give all the details that you think are important about your clan, such as number of players and their levels, expectations and type of play/activity required. Those interested in joining a clan will simply look through the comments and join the clan they’re interested in. It’s simple and it’s a win-win situation.

Good luck and have fun!



  1. Dennis Reply

    Hi my clans name is Jordan… It symbol is a red flame in a black background….. I have 3 members… It’s open to anyone…. All am asking for is that you be friendly. And participate in our clan chest..


  2. legendary Reply

    Join my #89q8CP88 (Plus ultra)
    We donate troops need great members
    We take everyone in our clan . we do our best in clan chest . we need members who donate well

  3. legendary Reply

    Join my #89q8CP88 (Plus ultra)
    We donate troops need great members
    We take everyone in our clan . we do our best in clan chest . we need members who donate well Join fast

  4. Brook Reply

    Hey guys, some friends and I have started a clan, where we have come up with a system to boost clan trophies as well as your own. We’re just recently getting started so don’t let the small numbers scare you! We know how to change that quickly, all we need is memebers willing to follow the system. Check us out @ Classiik

  5. Peanut001 Reply

    New clan available! Join Knightly Cadets. It’s clan where you don’t have to feel pressured by having an amount of wins or keeping a certain amount of trophies. You can just have fun and enjoy the game without taking it seriously if you don’t want. We will donate to you if you request.

  6. Felicia Reply

    Started a new clan. Won’t kick you out If u lose a battle but do want u to donate crowns. Its a team effort and takes everyone on a team to get more rewards. Come have fun and join our clan. We are black angels

  7. Dylan, rubix Reply

    Hi all, I am needing some loyal players that will stay active, donate and help with clan wars. I’ve made the required trophies 2000, hopefully it’s not a stretch to find players.
    Clan name: SwordForce!
    Clan tag: #922P9JLU

  8. NIGHTMARE Reply

    Trying to build a clan. help me guys and join my clan. the clan name is H.O.U.S.E.(HOME OF UNIQUE, SPECIAL &ELITES) CLAN TAG IS 9LLC0G09

  9. Praveen Raja Reply

    Clan name : ♠️.X-MEN.♠️
    Clan tag : #PP09PO82
    Required trophies : 3000
    Need active players for war , friendly battles and to donate.
    Type : open.
    Promotion is based on players activity.

  10. Zorkin Reply

    Can name is lonely king

    Leader is zorkin. We need a 2000 tropied 8, sp contains player, and we will donate upto jungle arena cards

  11. Alan Shaji Reply

    Join the Pelican Express!!!!

    We are looking for active members and promotions are easy to obtain.

    Elder-be above 1500 and bring 1 active person into the clan

    Coleader-be above 2900 and bring 2 active people above 2700

    Join the Pelican Express now!!!!!

  12. Kieran Clash Reply

    Hello my clan is The Lemon Tree. We are starting a new clan with no trophies required but hopes of high level players. We want active players that donate and participate in wars if they are lvl 8 or above. The clan tag is #9QJV80VC

  13. Richard Torrey Reply

    team762mm < New clan for clash royal

    Please join we are a new friendly clan who want to build up our player base 🙂

  14. BananaPuppy Reply

    Please join my clan i am 3800+ we have a couple members and we all play 24/7. The clan name is wacK and our flag is purple! Look for my username BananaPuppy to find the right one! Our clan tag is #9JLLPQPP Love you all 😉

  15. GettnSehway Reply

    Join Sp4rt4nZ
    Home of the ruthless and merciless.
    Our strongest member is in Challenger 1, we’re a new upcoming clan just created today looking for a few good warriors to rise through the ranks leaving blood trails of our enemies on the path the victory.

  16. Jordan Reply

    Join Uk Instinctsz
    Clan tag is #9U2CGU0C

    This is a British based clan I made it because i won’t people to come and enjoy some clash have a good laugh with the members donate to help each other and fight as a team to climb that ladder of success 1st 10 people to join will automatically get promotion!

  17. Gary Reply

    HI, guys
    im here to promote my clan. it is a active clan, always participating in war, every member donates and trade cards, always between 1450~1800 clan thophies. Brazilian clan for members with 2600 or more trophies. Plz,if you dont have clan or know someone who wants to join a good clan, you re welcome.
    Clan infos (23/10/2018 03:38 pm):
    clan score: 28592
    required trophies: 2600
    clan tag: #99CCU222

  18. Joe Reply

    I just started my clan. I am in challenger 3 and the required trophies are 0, anyone can join as long as your active. Anyone inactive will be kicked. The clan name is IGSavages and the leader is KingPig.

  19. Brittney Hoffman Reply

    Is Dabbin!
    Just started! Has me (micro nugget) and my boyfriend (XjewfroX)

    We would live to get some members!!! Need 2600 trophies. And we understand life can be busy just so be active when you can and try and participate in wars:)

  20. Caleb Heyden Reply

    The clan name is CoC Doc and it’s a startup but when we get it going we will crush. I’m 4000 trophy’s and the other player in my can is also 4000 trophy’s and we are super active. Thanks

  21. Ryan Ciavarra Reply

    pls join my clash Royale clan it is called hexnation

    I am the leader ryanpie23 and I have put countless hours into clash Royale. I really want to grow a clan but my friends don’t think I will be able. Please join I will give u elder automatically

  22. Petyr baelish Reply

    CLAN NAME: figli di tRoyal
    Required trophies: 4300+
    Location: Italy
    Recruiting active and strong players in war

  23. Pogodeamon Reply

    Clan name: Stone Cold
    Clan tag: #202GY8J

    We are in need of some players. We are here to help all clanmates. Very high donating clan! Very active and war nonstop!!!

  24. Slippy Fister Reply

    Join Pier Polio on Clash Royale, we’re active but super small and we donate a lot. Btw were also in chat a lot so we’re not dead and we’re toxic but fun at the same time so get your ass in here. And if you join I can give you any legendary that you need atm

  25. Joe maths Reply

    Join our clan Crzy Fkn Vegans #p90vl8u9 !!! we are active, war after war, donations after donations. We have the best clan members who are all active friendly and ready to go to war. Join now with minimum requirements of being active, donate donate donate, and climb with the support of your clan mates!!!. #newclan

  26. Manu Reply

    Hi,join my clan ”The Badger’s” #PV2GLLUY
    Clan made to have wars and fun (we are active,wars will start after we are 10+,we are 3 at the moment)
    Trophies required:3000

    1.Dont say bad and racist words
    2.Be active
    3.Help others
    4.Use all your attacks in the war.

    So please join guys,so we can start the wars.

  27. Alex Patsias Reply

    The clan is called MIDGET ARMY.
    It has 47 members, of which the top ten are between 3000 and 4700 trophies. We need a few more active members of about 2000+ trophies. The clan is currently active but has a few too many low level members and needs a few more high level members.
    We start clan wars every Tuesday and every Friday and participation is required in at least 3 out of 4 clan wars.
    We aim to have fun and get in a high clan war league.

  28. Abhishek mishra Reply

    Want active members for my clan
    I will make you instant elder
    Co-leader depends on your donation
    Clan tag – #YR8R2JVG
    Please join my clan

  29. Max Mustermann Reply

    clan name: Pottholes
    trophies: 0 trophies needed
    region: international

    active members for our new clan wanted!

  30. Adam Legend Reply

    Hey guys, Me and my friend created a new clan called Midnight Chill. We are both very active and currently have 5 members starting off. We are looking for relatively active members who will participate in clan wars. Hope to see you there 😉

  31. Guillermo Garcia Reply

    [WAR CLAN] Use #PLJ89Q82 to join!

    – King level 8 or higher
    – 3,000 trophies or higher
    – Must donate a minimum of 200 donations a week
    – Must not be offline for more than 3 days

    We offer:
    – Active members who are willing to donate and trade
    – 1st Place chest at the end of the season
    – Active chats and battle practices before war

    Join us today!

  32. Leon Reply

    Clan name; nova ✴️ GRarmy
    Clan tag: #YU92YGP

    Trophies :31.000
    War trophies: 200
    Required trophies: 1600
    Donations per week: 3000
    Elder : 100 donations and play war
    Co leader: only members we trust

    Join in our clan !

  33. The primactus Reply

    Clan name- the primactus
    Requirements- 1000+ trophies
    Description- you can speak any language and there are no restrictions and no kicking out.

  34. Guillermo Garcia Reply

    [WAR CLAN] Use #PLJ89Q82 to join!

    – King level 8 or higher
    – 3,000 trophies or higher
    – Must donate a minimum of 200 donations a week
    – Must not be offline for more than 3 days

    We offer:
    – Active members who are willing to donate and trade
    – 1st Place chest at the end of the season
    – Active chats and battle practices before war

    Join us today!

  35. Whale Reply

    Clan name: omega trade. We trade and donate. Elder for first join, currently 2200 trophies but will increase. Yayyyy! Donate, or get the boot!

  36. Brian Epstein Reply

    My username I BJE0601 My clan Name is “The Winners” we are looking for people with over 3000 trophies we are very active and we have 9 members. Be respectful and donate hope to see u soon.

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