PicSizzle Cheats: Level 16 – Level 30 Answers

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We are back with more answers for PicSizzle for you and this time we’re going to find out the solution for the Picsizzle levels 16 – 30. Puzzles continue to be varied and challenging and we’re having a great time completing them

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Don’t forget that the order of the Picsizzle puzzles is randomized for each player, but we have all the answers and you can search for them by image or text. Now let’s carry on with the Picsizzle cheats and let’s check out the answers below!

Picsizzle Level 16 answer

picsizzle level 16 answer

Images: Man playing baseball and road
Answer: Hit the road

Picsizzle Level 17 answer

picsizzle level 17 answer

Images: Red leaves and man sleeping on his desk
Answer: Fall asleep

Picsizzle Level 18 answer

picsizzle level 18 answer

Images: Thumbs down and garbage
Answer: Down in the dump

Picsizzle Level 19 answer

picsizzle level 19 answer

Images: Girl above clouds and dog at the beach
Answer: Top dog

Picsizzle Level 20 answer

picsizzle level 20 answer

Images: Light switch and ropes
Answer: On the ropes

Picsizzle Level 21 answer

picsizzle level 21 answer

Images: Sky and girl with flower behind the ear
Answer: Blue in the face

Picsizzle Level 22 answer

picsizzle level 22 answer

Images: Girls dancing and heavy rain
Answer: Dancing in the rain

Picsizzle Level 23 answer

picsizzle level 23 answer

Images: Dog catching a Frisbee and letter Z
Answer: Catch some Zs

Picsizzle Level 24 answer

picsizzle level 24 answer

Images: Green number 2 and girl touching her face
Answer: Two faced

Picsizzle Level 25 answer

picsizzle level 25 answer

Images: Number nine and football pitch
Answer: Whole nine yards

Picsizzle Level 26 answer

picsizzle level 26 answer

Images: Living room and house
Answer: Inside out

Picsizzle Level 27 answer

picsizzle level 27 answer

Images: Girl waking up and calendar
Answer: Up to date

Picsizzle Level 28 answer

picsizzle level 28 answer

Images: Man baking bread and dozen of eggs
Answer: Bakers dozen

Picsizzle Level 29 answer

picsizzle level 29 answer

Images: Number 1 and hourglass
Answer: Once upon a time

Picsizzle Level 30 answer

picsizzle level 30 answer

Images: Man kicking a ball and a bucket
Answer: Kick the bucket

And this is it! We have completed 15 more levels in Picsizzle and I am sure that you’re ready for even more levels. Stay tuned with us, as we’re going to bring them to you soon!


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