PicSizzle Answers: Level 46 – Level 60

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We hope that you’re ready for more PicSizzle answers because that’s exactly what we’re giving you today when we break the 50 levels mark with our guide. So prepare to check out the Picsizzle answers for levels 46 – 60 below.

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Don’t forget that the order of your puzzles might vary slightly, but they are all here with image and description to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Now let’s check out the PicSizzle answers for levels 46 – 60!

PicSizzle level 46 answer

picsizzle level 46 answer

Images: Hammer and piggy bank
Answer: Break the bank

PicSizzle level 47 answer

picsizzle level 47 answer

Images: Chips and brick wall
Answer: Chip off the old block

PicSizzle level 48 answer

picsizzle level 48 answer

Images: Money on the table and water explosion
Answer: Tip of the iceberg

PicSizzle level 49 answer

picsizzle level 49 answer

Images: Cardboard box and foot massage
Answer: Square feet

PicSizzle level 50 answer

picsizzle level 50 answer

Images: Pigs and plane
Answer: When pigs fly

PicSizzle level 51 answer

picsizzle level 51 answer

Images: Number one and blue moon
Answer: Once in a blue moon

PicSizzle level 52 answer

picsizzle level 52 answer

Images: Ruler and thumbs up
Answer: Rule of thumb

PicSizzle level 53 answer

picsizzle level 53 answer

Images: Broken smartphone and ice cubes
Answer: Broken ice

PicSizzle level 54 answer

picsizzle level 54 answer

Images: Girl with credit card and somebody playing the bagpipes
Answer: Pay the pipes

PicSizzle level 55 answer

picsizzle level 55 answer

Images: Referee and man with prosthetic leg
Answer: Out on a limb

PicSizzle level 56 answer

picsizzle level 56 answer

Image: Needle and hay
Answer: Needle in a haystack

PicSizzle level 57 answer

picsizzle level 57 answer

Images: Red puzzle piece and straw
Answer: Last straw

PicSizzle level 58 answer

picsizzle level 58 answer

Images: Water dripping and fly
Answer: Dropping like flies

PicSizzle level 59 answer

picsizzle level 59 answer

Images: Clock and thumbs up
Answer: Time is up

PicSizzle level 60 answer

picsizzle level 60 answer

Images: People walking and Santa Clause
Answer: Low Blow

And this is it! We have completed 60 levels in PicSizzle and we really hope that you had fun getting this far!


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