PicSizzle Answers: Level 31 – Level 45

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We are having a blast trying to find all the right answers for PicSizzle and sharing them with you and with this article we’re going to reach puzzle 45 which is pretty incredible for us because some of these image combinations are really hard to guess. But we’ve made it and we’re here to share with you the PicSizzle answers for levels 31 to 45.

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Have in mind that the order of puzzles in your game will vary slightly, but we have all the answers here so you will eventually find what you’re looking for in our walkthrough. Now let’s carry on and let’s check out the Picsizzle answers for levels 31 to 45!

Picsizzle level 31 answer

picsizzle level 31 answer

Images: Watermelon and bullet
Answer: Bite the bullet

Picsizzle level 32 answer

picsizzle level 32 answer

Images: People jumping and gun
Answer: Jump the gun

Picsizzle level 33 answer

picsizzle level 33 answer

Images: Heart rate and bush
Answer: Beat around the bush

Picsizzle level 34 answer

picsizzle level 34 answer

Images: Man carrying girl and cigars
Answer: Close but no cigar

Picsizzle level 35 answer

picsizzle level 35 answer

Images: Floppy disk and bell ring
Answer: Saved by the bell

Picsizzle level 36 answer

picsizzle level 36 answer

Images: Broken water pipe and thumbs down
Answer: Pipe down

Picsizzle level 37 answer

picsizzle level 37 answer

Images: Open book and masked thief
Answer: As thick as thieves

Picsizzle level 38 answer

picsizzle level 38 answer

Images: Man on a mountain and man whispering a secret to a girl
Answer: Top secret

Picsizzle level 39 answer

picsizzle level 39 answer

Images: Car seats and a bunch of people
Answer: Inside job

Picsizzle level 40 answer

picsizzle level 40 answer

Images: Fire and person putting gas in the car
Answer: Add fuel to the fire

Picsizzle level 41 answer

picsizzle level 41 answer

Images: Feather tickling a man’s foot and rose
Answer: Tickled pink

Picsizzle level 42 answer

picsizzle level 42 answer

Images: Person running and open space
Answer: Walk in the park

Picsizzle level 43 answer

picsizzle level 43 answer

Images: Chip and lady with shoulder pain
Answer: Chip on your shoulder

Picsizzle level 44 answer

picsizzle level 44 answer

Images: Cat and girl with tongue out
Answer: Cat got your tongue

Picsizzle level 45 answer

picsizzle level 45 answer

Images: White square and man telling a lie
Answer: White lie

And this is it! We have completed 45 levels in Picsizzle and there’s more to come! Make sure to check out our walkthrough links above for more answers!


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