PicSizzle Answers: Level 1 – Level 15 Solution

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Picsizzle is a brand new iOS game that challenges you to find the saying by looking at two images. We are here to share with you a complete set of PicSizzle answers because, of course, some times it’s difficult to find the popular phrase simply by looking at some images. In this article, we’re going to check out the Picsizzle answers for levels 1 to 15.

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Please have in mind that the order of the puzzles is slightly randomized, so use the descriptions and screenshots to easily find the levels that you are interested in. Have fun finding the solution for your puzzles!

Picsizzle level 1 answer

picsizzle level 01 answer

Images: Men in the rain, girl pouring wine in a glass
Answer: When it rains, it pours

Picsizzle level 2 answer

picsizzle level 02 answer

Images: Number six and different parts of a boy’s face
Answer: Sixth Sense

Picsizzle level 3 answer

picsizzle level 03 answer

Images: Water and bucket
Answer: Drop in the bucket

Picsizzle level 4 answer

picsizzle level 04 answer

Images: Red apple and eye
Answer: Apple of my eye

Picsizzle level 5 answer

picsizzle level 05 answer

Images: Men in the rain, a dog and a cat
Answer: Raining cats and dogs

Picsizzle level 6 answer

picsizzle level 06 answer

Images: X and a beam of light
Answer: X Marks the spot

Picsizzle level 7 answer

picsizzle level 07 answer

Images: A man scratching his heel and a door
Answer: Foot in the door

Picsizzle level 8 answer

picsizzle level 08 answer

Images: An ace and a hole
Answer: Ace in the hole

Picsizzle level 9 answer

picsizzle level 09 answer

Images: A drop of water and a cap
Answer: Drop of a hat

Picsizzle level 10 answer

picsizzle level 10 answer

Images: Bucket on the beach and to do list
Answer: Bucket list

Picsizzle level 11 answer

picsizzle level 11 answer

Images: Girl showing the victory sign and a wedding cake
Answer: Piece of cake

Picsizzle level 12 answer

picsizzle level 12 answer

Images: Dog and thumbs down
Answer: Chow down

Picsizzle level 13 answer

picsizzle level 13 answer

Images: Coin and dozen of eggs
Answer: Dime a dozen

Picsizzle level 14 answer

picsizzle level 14 answer

Images: Cat and bag
Answer: Cats out of the bag

Picsizzle level 15 answer

picsizzle level 15 answer

Images: Girl above the clouds with her hands up and earth globe
Answer: On top of the world

And this is it! We have completed the first 15 inventive puzzles of this great game and we are ready for more challenges, so stay tuned with us as more answers are coming soon!


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