Peggle Blast: How to Beat Level 38 and Get Three Stars

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After the really difficult level 37 in Peggle Blast that we have talked about recently, one would think that we’d get an easier level to relax a bit, but the reality is completely different: level 38 in Peggle Blast is extremely difficult and I must admit that I had the worst time trying to complete it since starting to play Pop Cap’s great title.

But we’re here to tell you how to beat level 38 in Peggle Blast and not only that – but also how to do it with style and get the three star rating too, that proves that you are indeed a master at this game. It won’t be easy at all and it will probably require a lot of failed attempts on your side, but whenever you have a few extra lives to spare, you should give it a try and I guarantee that you will eventually beat and master this level on three stars.

So before getting to see how to beat the Peggle Blast level 38 and get three stars in it, here’s how this nightmare of a stage looks like:

peggle blast level 38

This is an extremely tricky levels and many things come into play. In the screenshot above, we have no green peg under the golden row, which means that we can’t use the tentacles on both sides to take all the pegs one after another. If you have them, try to do it this way and clear both sides with one ball (by aiming your shots and eventually hitting the bucket once you’re done with one side).

If things are not that simple, like in the screenshot above, you’ll need a bit more luck: go for the golden switch first and try to aim your shots to get as many free balls as possible from cleaning the outer layer. Then, with the next ball, hit the wooden switch and go for as many orange pegs as possible. Always try to aim in such a way that you target the bucket and get the free ball. In this level, you will hit the central switch a lot of times, so it’s vital to save as many balls as possible. Difficult, really difficult, but doable.

As you can see, this strategy involves a lot of luck and good peg placement, but that’s something that you will eventually get if you keep on going. But if you have a different strategy that works on this level (without using power-ups) let us know by commenting below!


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2 thoughts on “Peggle Blast: How to Beat Level 38 and Get Three Stars”

  1. You should aim first shot to the top of the wooden switch, after it the ball will hit the golden one and the way will be clear. After it try to do long shots, out from the wall and pray hard!

    • Update, guys! This level becomes easy enough, if you keep using the strategy I described above, but when starting level switch to beaver instead of octopus))


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