Peggle Blast: How to Beat Level 37 in the Game

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In Peggle Blast, level 37 is one of the most difficult stages early on in the game – especially for those who want to master the level and complete it with a three star rating. It just seems that there’s not enough there to grant you the high score required for a three star completion of the game. Yet, it’s completely doable and I am here to not only show you how to beat level 37 in Peggle Blast, but also how to do it to get the three star rating!

Things won’t be easy at all and you will probably have to replay the level multiple times until you get it right, but it’s a relatively quick level and you shouldn’t lose any lives, so it should all be great fun. And in case you don’t know exactly what I am talking about, here is how level 37 looks like in Peggle Blast:

peggle blast level 37

The goal of the level is to drop the three gems as fast as possible. The switch to release them, as you can see, is in the lower part of the screen, so work your way there slowly and steadily. Ideally, if you have a green peg, hit it first in order to get some extra help from the tentacles. Focus on a single side (left is always my choice) and keep on going until you hit the switch. Once you do, things get a lot easier since you only have to drop the gems and win the level!

But what about getting three stars in this level? Well, this is indeed the trickier part, but it’s also doable. The trick to getting there without using any power-ups is to unlock the switch as soon as possible (with as few balls as possible) and drop the gems fast, letting the extra balls that you get unlock super bonuses and boost your final score. If you can go for some real sharpshooting, you can also try to send the gems in the bucket for even more points. It’s not easy, but it’s completely doable, so work your way up to the high score that you need by playing the level several times.

Did you find another particular strategy to work on this level? Let us know by commenting below!


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