Peek a Phone Walkthrough: Level 9 – Level 14

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Peek a Phone is so much fun I had to write a walkthrough for more levels as soon as I managed to go through them myself.

Today’s Peek a Phone walkthrough from level 9 to level 14 comes to add to my previous article Peek a Phone solution for all levels.

I’m sure most of you were waiting for this for a while, so follow closely as I unravel the mysteries of this game in my Peek a Phone walkthrough, level by level.

Peek a Phone Professor F (Level 9) Walkthrough

The task is simple. Help Chad and his friends find the final test on Professor F’s phone.

  1. Look at his badge, it’s on his chest in the photo he uses as a background. It says 50.
  2. To find the password to unlock the phone, find the year he was born in: 2022-50=1972
  3. Next, check his email inbox.
  4. Press the search box and write Test right there.
  5. There’s only one result, from Prof. Powell, who’s also Brent, a clue you can find in their messages, on the laptop’s screen in that photo he sent.
  6. If you open the email you find the exam right there, but it’s password protected.
  7. Check the Streaming app and you can see a few of his favorite things to watch.
  8. Under the show Winterheart it says “Your friend Brent also like this title.”
  9. Prof. F and Prof. Powell’s favorite show is the password for the pdf exam: winterheart.
  10. You can open the pdf now and see the correct answers.
  11. The letters BABE are the solution you’re looking for.

Peek a Phone Abduction (Level 10) Walkthrough

Here you will work with the police to find QDPie, a famous personality you were watching while he streamed and was abducted live.

The kidnappers leave his phone behind still streaming when you call the cops. You just need to find out the Street and number QDPie was heading to.

  1. Open the Photo app and watch the video.
  2. It’s a video from the criminals that tells you to call this number: +1 (864) 657 45 48
  3. Go to the Phone and call that number and someone will tell you to send them a message.
  4. They also tell you how to open the Chat app, by drawing the letter M and only send them the word Collab.
  5. Once you start that conversation they will ask for you to find the password to the Smart Home app.
  6. They’ll send you a photo of the news and when QDPie was abducted. The password says to reflect their precision. “…at exactly 10:35 last night.”
  7. Open Smart Home and write the password 1035.
  8. Turn on Porch Lights and Studio Lights.
  9. Click on Studio and remember this hashtag subscribetoqdpie, that’s the password you’re going to need. You can find this info by reading the email to Pamela Greenberg from Alex Greenberg.
  10. Open the Casual app and write the email address in the email I mentioned above:
    Email: [email protected]
    Password: subscribetoqdpie
  11. Click the Chat icon, the last bubble symbol in the upper right corner.
  12. Open the messages with Emmanuel. You can find the Street name and number right there: Welton 97

Peek a Phone With Great Power (Level 11) Solution

You have the phone of the masked vigilante known as Timekeeper. Find out his location from the clues in his phone.

  1. Open the Messages app and read through The Baker‘s messages. Password for the Photo app: timekeeper6
  2. Open the Notes app, and you can find the username for the Photo app there: Butch_is_a_Nerd_2.
  3. In the Photo app you’ll find a picture of a list of Passwords, and a logo with the letter Z on it.
  4. Open the Vault app and draw the letter Z to enter it.
  5. You can find here Super League of Super Heroes Application Questions.
  6. Question number 8 has the right address where to find him: 1403 Birdsview Dr.

Peek a Phone Kidnapped (Level 12) Solution

Your mission is to turn on the GPS remotely to Jacob Carpenter’s phone so you can find where the kidnappers took him. Good luck!

  1. Click on the documents and solve the puzzle to prove you’re a human.
  2. Open the Reminder document. It says Phone settings: Bobby84
  3. Go to the Settings app, and turn on Location Services.
  4. A new window will pop up where you need to write the Phone settings password: Bobby84.

Peek a Phone Is it Chili in Here? (Level 13) Walkthrough

The task is to help Martin get into his phone and find the secret ingredient for the best chili in the world.

  1. Enter the Messages app. The first message from Elton has a clue about his password “It’s my favorite 4-digit number…BUT IN REVERSE!” and you can find it in his notes.
  2. Open the Notes app and the “A few of my favorite things” list.
  3. His favorite number is 5442.
  4. So the password to enter the Photo app is going to be 2445.
  5. You’ll find the photo of his recipe in his pics.
  6. The Top Secret ingredient is peeled grapes.

Peek a Phone Mr. X (Level 14) Walkthrough

Help the police and find out what Mr. X is planning and who their next target is.

  1. To enter the phone the pattern is in the X shape.
  2. In the Messages app, in the only message there to HQ there’s a clue about his password “The vault’s password is your favorite Afghan.”
  3. Click on the Internet icon, one of the searches is “How to groom an Afghan Hound Dog”
  4. Tap on the Calendar app and check the dates that have a mark on them.
  5. One of them has: 10:17 AM Notes
  6. Another one is a vet appointment for Wilbur.
  7. Open the Vault app and write the password Wilbur.
  8. Click on the Target photo icon and you’ll see who their next target is.
  9. Go to the Internet app and click the search text box. Click on the last one:
  10. The photo has the caption “And last but not least, the Chief of WCSP, “Tooth”.”
  11. Click on the Vault app again and on the Notes, and write down 1017 as a password.
  12. After opening the app, click on the WCSP note. In front of Tooth is the number 1382.
  13. Open the Vault again and the WCSP.pdf. In front of the number 1382 is the name Oliver Merrill. Write it in to solve the case!

This case is solved and you can be assured the police will handle the rest.

Wrapping up

As you can see, some of these levels are easier than others. It’s important to write down every clue you find if you want to complete the levels without help.

Going through someone’s messages is not easy. But soon you’ll have an easier time spotting the right info.

If you’re looking for more levels on this game, keep a close watch for my next Peek a Phone walkthrough for level 15 – level 20. There, you will find there the answers you were looking for.

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