Original Angry Birds Free For First Time!

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The original angry birds has recently been brought down to FREE for a limited time, due to it being featured by apple as free app of the week. It free and out there for all those people with nothing in there iTunes account to download, so if you’ve never tried the iconic flagship of idevice gaming before, now is your chance.

This feature means angry birds is now in ranks with other iconic games such as infinity blade, plants vs zombies and cut the rope. All respectable games in their own right, but will giving these games away for free become a promotional benefit, or just a chance for gamers to take the game away with absolutely no cost? Surely angry birds is a huge enough as it is? With the upcoming releases of cartoons and other content by Rovio, this feature has certainly increased hype and interest for future development as we await for more iterations of this reputable series.


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