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The world is moving fast, and Android technology is taking it over. Millions of users enjoy the experience and prefer it over other platforms. In times like these, it is essential to have Android all the time.

Not only running on our cell phones but also on our personal computers (PC). After all, we have all become very much attached to it. One of the Apps benefiting from Android technology is the Nox App Player.

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What the Nox App Player is and what it does?

Nox App Player Screenshot

Nox App Player is an Android emulator that lets people download Android apps on their computers.

This way they can play games on a bigger and better screen. So, what it basically does is that it enables you to have an Android experience on your laptops or computers.

There are many Android emulators available, but Nox is among the best. It has many fantastic features. This app player, released by Bignox captured Android fan’s hearts instantly when it was released. No wonder because it is stacked with great features.

The Nox App Player is a fairly new Android emulator for desktops. Even though this player is relatively new, it is still giving some tough competition to the well-established and renowned BlueStacks.

Nox has a multitude of fascinating features to offer which might interest you enough to want to have it for yourself too. Some of the great features it offers are not even available on BlueStacks.

Learning how to use the Nox player is not tough. The player works on PC just like it does on mobiles and tablets. It has Google Play Store already integrated so you would not have to install it.

Why people download and use the Nox app?

You might be wondering why someone would prefer using Android apps on their PC rather than on their cell phone. You might even be thinking that nobody would want to do that at all. You are, however, wrong here.

Many people used Android emulators, and you might even want to if you realize why it can get necessary. Nonetheless, here are some reasons why people download and use Nox app on their computers.

The bigger the screen, the more the comfort

Contrary to popular belief, many people are not fans of small screens. They prefer a wider range of vision with a clearer and more detailed view of what is happening on the screen.

Whether it is for playing a game with high-end graphics that ought to be experienced on the desktop or it is video chatting with your friends from abroad, doing it on a bigger screen is always better.

It is also good for your spine, as having your head always bent over your cell phone can make it ache. And it is good for your eyesight too.

No matter, how big your cell phone screen is, and no matter what its resolution is. It cannot be compared to the PC screen.

Saves the battery of your phone

We use our phones so much that some days we have to charge them more than once. These portable devices are used for texting, clicking selfies, making notes, using those thousands of apps and what not.

Why put so much pressure on them and drain them of their batteries? Why heat them up from the heavy usage? Just transfer some of your workload to your laptops.

This way, not only your phone will have its battery charged for longer, but you will also not drain the battery. Charging your phone, again and again, is not only tedious for you, but it is tiring for your phone as well.

So, another reason why people use the Nox player is that some of the work is taken off their cell phones. Keep your phone healthy, folks.

Makes multitasking easier

A large number of people out their use the Nox player for multitasking purpose. You see, no matter how high-end your phone is, its primary function is not for you to play games on it. Moreover, it gets frustrating to switch between applications on your phone.

On a small screen, loads of tabs opening at once can slow down the processing as well. So overall, it is no fun to use Whatsapp and play a game at the same time, along with jotting down a few points that have just clicked in your mind for the next assignment.

Switch between windows easily on your computer, and at the same time use your phone for other apps.

This way you would not be overworking either. Text your friends with your phone and handle other games and stuff through your PC simultaneously.

Handling a lot of things had never been easier.

Phone hang issues

Many people prefer to download Nox player, because this way they can keep their phone out of harm’s way. Phones can sometimes hang when we use them more than they can handle. Other times, too much multitasking or gaming can make our phones go berserk.

On the other hand, computers can handle multitasking more efficiently than mobiles can, especially if you are one to play heavy games.

For those who do not have an Android phone

There are more people than you expect out there who do not have high-end phones. For them, Nox is the best option. To get a free Android experience on your computers is really cool.

Some people use outdated phones while others have Android ones, but not the expensive ones from top-notch brands.

And sometimes, even the best of phones face issues, and we start feeling like we have been cut off from the real world without our apps on our fingers.

Be it for using social networks to connect with your friends, playing those super awesome Android games or other apps, having Nox on your laptop or computer can be very helpful when you do not have an Android phone.

To access mobile apps

Some apps can only be enjoyed to the fullest via cell phones. If you would like to experience them on your PC, then you would have to download Nox for that. This way you can get the same interface and functions on your PC that you get on your phone.

An example of such apps is Instagram. Instagram cannot be accessed the same way via PC as it can be via an Android cell phone.

If you want to have the Instagram that you have on your cellular device on your computer as well, then you know what you can do.

Some people just like it the traditional way

Loads of people prefer using the PC to cell phones. It might sound silly, but it is true. Many people are still used to using computers and laptops, but they also like to use apps. Nox is one way they can fulfill both their wishes.

They like the feel of the keyboard and the bigger screen. Cell phones lack these things, and no matter how portable they are, computers will always have their distinction too. Nox makes it easy to use the latest apps on your computer.

Some features of the Nox App

Nox App Features

Whether you have a Windows PC or an iOS, the app has a whole lot of amazing features. Here are a few of these.


The best part about the Nox App Player is that it never hangs. It is fast and can easily handle multitasking. This is one reason why users love it so much.

Instead of overburdening your phone, you can always switch to using the very same apps offered on your cell on your laptop.

Plays all kinds of games

With this player, you can play all your favorite Android games that are installed in your phone on your PC too. Unlike some other app players, this one allows you to play all the games. No restrictions or limitations whatsoever.

Google available

You do not even have to install the Play Store separately. It is already installed. At this point, it is crucial for all Android phone users to install the Play Store but not for Nox users. It comes with the package right along with the Google browser.

Already installed apps

There are many other apps as well that are already installed and come with this emulator. Certain camera and social networking apps are pre-installed, and you would not have to go through the hassle of installing the necessary stuff.

Open several windows

You can open numerous windows with just a click with the Nox app. This way, gaming, chatting, and doing other things at the same time become easy. Multitasking with the Nox on your computer is way more fun and smoother than through your cell phone.


With Nox, you can easily customize CPU, RAM, and resolution. This feature is not available with BlueStacks even, and this is how you get one added merit with Nox App Player. The new update also lets you customize sidebar options.

Built-in video and macro recorder

This fantastic app player has built-in video and macro recorder as well. This makes video chatting and calls through apps on computer easy.

Operation tips

The Nox App Player guides you on how to use it by giving you operation tips. This way, learning how to use it becomes all the easier and quicker.

It is free

The last but not the least, and the best part also is that the Nox Android App Player is free. No charges or anything. You can enjoy dozens of apps on your computer, and all you need is a wi-fi connection.

Apart from these, there are other fascinating functions and features of the app player as well. These are just the basic ones. With each update, the brand tries to resolve or minimize the present issues that some users might be facing.

Also with each new update, it adds new features to the overflowing box of bonzer qualities.

Offline and online installation

When it comes to installing the Nox App Player, you are given two choices. You can either install it online or offline.

Online installer

If you are one of having your app player updated, then you should go for the online installer. This way every time the app player is updated, it will automatically be done on your PC as well. You will always have the latest updates on it.

Offline installer

With the offline installer, you would not be bothered about the regular updates. Those who do not like to have their app player updated constantly, this one is for them.

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How to download and install the app both for PC Windows 10/7/8.1/8/XP & Mac

Initially, the Nox App Player was only available for Windows, but now it is also available for iOS. Downloading and installing it are not so difficult things to do. Installation of this Android emulator is easy. It can be done in some minutes.

All you have to do is go to the location folder and start the installation. The installation process will take some minutes.

Then you can click on the Start button to launch it. The loading will again take some minutes. Once all is completed, you can set up an account for ease and use.

So you see, not only are downloading and installing the app a piece of cake, but using it is too. It is same as using your phone or another such device. With a broad array of features, it is all fun and games.

Today, almost everything is done with the aid of apps. Applications cover a wide range of topics and things. So living without having Android installed on every device is like living on an isolated island where nothing ever happens. The Nox player is another step ahead in the world of Android.


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