Noble Nutlings Review (iPhone, iPad)

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When you have a game – Noble Nutlings – released by Boomlagoon, it doesn’t sound like a must play. But if you hear that Boomlagoon is actually a new development studio made by former Rovio employees, you change your mind and turn Noble Nutlings into a must play. Hopefully, you’re not expecting a new Angry Birds here, because there’s something else you’re getting.

And what you are getting is a racing/physics game in which you have to lead the Noble Nutlings, really cute creatures that I can compare to insanely colored squirrels, to the finish line, after going through a crazy track in their ready-to-break vehicle. In other words, we’re talking about a game like Trials or Hill Climb racing in which physics, skills and anticipation are required to complete the level.

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When the level starts, you are shown a quick overview of the track (which isn’t enough to have you remember everything, anyway) and you can launch the Noble Nutlings in their improvised vehicle towards the finish line. You control the acceleration by tapping a button on the screen and the vehicle’s position by tilting the iPad or iPhone left or right. It is all very easy in concept, but when you have to do it at incredible speed, there is really a challenge to do it right.

And as if that was not a challenge itself, Noble Nutlings also adds extra obstacles: TNT boxes that blast you full speed ahead, wooden logs you have to power your way through, different animals that once hit give you extra money and a ton of nuts to collect along the way for even more coins in your purse.

These coins can be used to buy extra goodies for your vehicle, like boost juice (probably the one you’ll be spending most of your coins on) or new wheels or chassis for the vehicle. These are extremely zany, with the option to replace your wheels with watermelons or bowling balls (and more), while the new chassis can be a banana or a bath tub. Pretty funny!

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Each level that you complete rewards you with a number of stars (out of 3, of course) based on the time you needed to cross the finish line and you need stars to unlock new levels, or spend coins to unlock them. Even more, if you to zany twists and spins during the game, you get rewarded special coins that can be used to spin a handle and give you a chance to win all sorts of goodies. So when you’re high in the air, try to spin at least twice to get a clover token and a chance for some goodies.

Overall, Noble Nutlings is an insanely delicious and nice physics racing game. Indeed, it brings little to nothing new to the table for the genre, but sometimes you just need to do things right in order to get a big product instead of trying to revolutionize a genre and failing miserably. And Boomlagoon does manage to deliver an amazing game, one that I am sure you will love playing.

So head over to the Apple Store and get your copy of Noble Nutlings today, for free!


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