No Joy Here: The Apple Watch Will Be Full of Location-Based Ads

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While I am sure that most of the people who love Apple products are extremely excited about the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch (which is “coming soon”), probably just as many will be sad and disappointed to hear that the iWatch itself might be plagued from day one by location-based advertisements – so it appears that no matter what we do, we simply can’t get rid of ads. Which is not always a bad thing!

But before discussing the matter, let’s see how will it be possible for the Apple Watch to deliver ads to its owners! According to, the culprit is advertising company TapSense who are looking into innovative ways to deliver ads to customers. This fortunately means that the annoying banner ads won’t be ever-present, but there will be all sorts of location-based ads instead.

“While most of our competitors are focused on banner ads and legacy platforms, we are focused on innovation and next generation platforms,” said Ash Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of TapSense.

So expect sci-fi stuff like brand logos directly on the face of your Apple Watch and more regular, highly targeted and localized advertisements, based on your location. Now, even though the Apple Watch itself lacks a GPS, the iPhone that you’ll carry with you has one, and this will help the companies deliver ads and offers.

This is not completely a bad thing, though. Even though many people are annoyed by these ads, we must admit that sometimes they are really useful. Especially these highly localized ones, which will allows you to be instantly notified if a shop you’re passing by has a super discount on an item that you are interested in. Now that’s not that bad, in the end, right?

And if it does sound completely atrocious to you, then you might want to go for some Apple Watch alternatives, even though there’s no guarantee that ads will catch up with those devices as well!


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