New Syberia 3 Trailer Reveals More About the Story & the Youkol Tribe

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A new Syberia 3 trailer has just been launch to make us all want to play the game RIGHT NOW. OK… deep breath of air, so I can continue reporting this great news which also has a surprising character making a comeback – one comeback that you will surely love!

The new Syberia 3 trailer, apart from the huge surprise (which I feel would’ve had an even bigger impact if it was left for us to discover while playing), tells us more about the story of the new adventure game: how Kate Walker got to meet the Youkol Tribe, more details about them as well as the plot of the game:

“Together [with the Youkol tribe], they leave for a journey in the heart of Siberia to join the snow ostriches to their sacred lands and breeding site. An adventure punctuated by surprises, epic moments and encounters with strange characters, during which players become acquainted with Kate’s fellow travellers, such as Ayawaska – the shaman of the Youkol tribe, always tag teaming with her owl – Kurk – The spiritual guide of the Youkol – or Captain Obo – proud captain of the Krystal.”

Check out the trailer for getting a great feel on why this will be an amazing game, as well as the surprise character that we’ll meet again in Syberia 3:

Somehow, Kate’s old friend, the automaton Oscar that we’ve meet and got to love in the original Syberia game makes its way to the third installment. How and why and what role will he play is yet unknown… but these are even more reasons to heavily anticipate the launch of the game.

If you want more Syberia, you can check out the first trailer here, then start waiting because the game will be launched on April 20 in Europe and April 25 in North America. Soon!


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