New Running With Friends Released by Zynga

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Zynga announced the release of a new game under the same “With Friends” brand as many other games they came up with, which is called “Running With Friends”. The social game is available for free download as to yesterday night and this morning for those who like the Endless Runner genre type of games.

Running With Friends is set in Spain, Pamplona, the city of Bulls Festival and is based on a very similar gameplay as Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Vector.

The camera is set behind the character on a vertical position which makes it easier to tap the screen and swipe if you need to avoid obstacles in your path or any other path from the three that the game provides to be used in your run.

The Running With Friends is not everything you imagined to be in a endless runner genre, the game comes with lots of new features to distinguish itself from the others. As the title suggest this is also a social game based on running with friends, as we got used to with so many times by Zynga.

The levels are random so that the game always keeps its fresh and enigmatic look. You never know what round you’ll be in except for when you play with your friends and you’ll, of course, have the same route.

Running With Friends was developed in collaboration with Eat Sleep Play that worked on the visual effects and design, and also build a 3D engine. Zynga started the development of Running with Friends since 2012.


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