Necroa Virus Goes Live in Plague Inc Today!

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The highly anticipated Necroa Virus for Plague Inc, the virus that turns the world’s population into brain eating but mindless zombies, has finally arrived to the game as Ndemic Creation released their latest update to the popular strategy game.

The update allows us to mutate the Necroa Virus and actually get zombies in the game – a point where the cure doesn’t matter too much, but instead we’ll have to fight the Z Com – the human race’s last line of defense against the zombies. A lot of extra options and excitement, therefore, arrives to Plague Inc today!

The Necroa Virus update is available for free to those who are able to complete the game on Brutal difficulty (which means very few, probably). The rest of us still have the option to play this great new virus at a cost of $1.99.

Also, this latest update of our favorite plague-spreading game comes with multiple language support, bug fixes and AI tweaks.


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