Mr Jump Cheats & Tips to Complete All Levels as Fast as Possible

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An insanely addictive new game was launched on the App Store today under the name of Mr. Jump – a game where we have to guide a square-headed man all the way to the end of the level by avoiding increasingly difficult obstacles and using new gameplay elements to our own advantage (and things get more and more difficult as you play). So I’ve decided to come here and share with you some Mr Jump cheats and tips that will hopefully help you complete all levels as fast as possible.

I know that this is mostly a skill game, but knowing what you’re dealing with will help a lot and that’s exactly what I plan to help with. Also, even though I haven’t found any cheats per-se, I will keep looking and update the article when I do. Until then, let’s check out some Mr Jump tips and tricks that might help.

1. Replay levels and try to remember everything about them. The truth is that each level is not extremely lengthy and it’s the same each time you play so the more you do it, the higher your chances to actually complete the level. So always try to remember the obstacles coming and where and how you should jump and you’ll already do a lot better next time you play, and then the next and so on.

2. Master the jumps if you want to get farther – the longer you keep your finger on the screen, the higher and wider the jump will be. There are not just two types of jump: short and tall one, but different ones depending on the actual time you keep your finger on the display. Learn these jumps and the difference between a short tap, a tap and a longer tap because you will really need all the skill in the later stages to even stand a chance. Once you learn to jump properly, each level is already 50% easier, if not more.

3. Don’t get over-confident when playing the same level for the hundredth time: I found out that as I play more, I tend to do stupid little mistakes in areas that I’ve managed to pass tens of times already. That’s because I am getting a little bit over-confident and I’m not bringing my A game each time I play. This results in more frustration and some extra wasted time on my side. So try to always focus on the level and you will do better each time!

4. Take breaks, especially after completing a level. You will get frustrated, angry and your eyes will tire when playing Mr Jump, so it’s essential to take breaks regularly. I would recommend to take breaks each time after completing a level because it’s best to spend as much time with a level as possible after starting it in order to know what you have to do.

5. Get a small advantage by checking out the level designs – somebody will surely post the walkthroughs to all levels on YouTube so simple do a search for the level you are stuck at and you will see somebody beating it. Knowing what elements are coming and how to tackle them will give you an advantage!

So these would be right now our Mr Jump tips and tricks – it’s a game that’s mostly about your skill, but every bit helps, hopefully.


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