Movie Crush Answers: Level 41 – Level 60

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We’re back with more Movie Crush answers and this time we plan on taking the game all the way to level 60 and help you cheat a little bit in the meantime with the Movie Crush Answers for levels 41 – 60. We also happened to run into a little problem with the game, but more on that later.

Until then, don’t forget that we have a lot more answers for Movie Crush published here on App Amped: level 1 – 20 and level 21 – 40. Now let’s get this going and let’s check out the Movie Crush answers for levels 41 – 60 below!

Movie Crush level 41 answer: Flight

Movie Crush level 42 answer: The Grey

Movie Crush level 43 answer: Zero Dark Thirty

Movie Crush level 44 answer: The Da Vinci Code

Movie Crush level 45 answer: Body of Lies

Movie Crush level 46 answer: Tomb Raider

Movie Crush level 47 answer: A Few Good Men

Movie Crush level 48 answer: Argo

Movie Crush level 49 answer: Amelie

Movie Crush level 50 answer: Now You See Me

Movie Crush level 51 answer: Indiana Jones

Movie Crush level 52 answer: V For Vendetta

Movie Crush level 53 answer: The Godfather

Movie Crush level 54 answer: Monsters University

game is stuck

And here is the problem that I was talking about: as you can see in the image above, we had to use a fast forward in the game simply because there were not enough letters available to form the word. Even worse, after using it our game got stuck as you see below with 2 letters still missing so we can’t do anything…


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