Money Grabber Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

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It seems that people love money (or at least I do) since all titles that have the term “money” in their title become extremely popular and are also insanely addictive. The latest craze comes from Money Grabber, a game for the iPhone and iPad that I am here to help you today with by sharing a complete set of Money Grabber cheats, tips and strategies to help you get as far as possible and unlock all the swag in the game.

I know that this is mostly a skill game and I really can’t help you with that, but there are some common sense tips below and maybe you don’t know them all yet, so check out the Moneygrabber tips and cheats from App Amped!

You can grab two ways
I thought initially that you can only grab when the arm is stretching, but you can also get coins when it’s getting back. Indeed, it’s a lot easier to anticipate the distances when you only grab money, but in the later stages when they keep on dropping, it’s useful to know that you can also get the coins when pulling back.

Better control your hand
You can stretch the arm again after it has caught something, so have this in mind when the drops increase in speed: you don’t have to wait for the art to get back to its initial destination before sending it again to grab some money for you and you should use this as often as possible. Also, repeatedly tapping the screen will hold the hand at the same position – experiment and see how it works best for you

Hit the diamond
Be on the lookout for when a rock appears to the right side of the screen – if you stretch the arm all the way there for a few times, a diamond will appear and if you get it, you will get a ton of coins. Make sure you always do that, but maybe wait for the number of falling coins and bills to slow down a bit before going for the diamond.

Swag isn’t really helpful
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the point where the things I buy help me in the game. So don’t make that a priority – you will unlock the items naturally, as you play.

Anticipate the fall
The one and only thing that you have to do is to anticipate the right moment when the coin or bill will be at the perfect spot for grabbing. Use the line that appears early on when you play to know exactly where each coin should be and you will go on an unstoppable row!

These are for now our Money Grabber tips and tricks. Do you have extra ones to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!


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