Miitomo: What Is Candy Used for?

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I’ve been playing quite a bit lately with Miitomo, Nintendo’s first real foray on the App Store and an otherwise charming and fun game and I found out that there’s one type of “currency” that you can get in the game whose purpose is not very clear. We’re talking about the Miitomo candy and I am here to tell you how to use it and why it exists in the game.

There might be other usages for it in the game, but so far here is what I figured out that the Miitomo candy does:

– you need to use candy to see answers for some of your friends.
– candy also seems to increase your Fashion level in the app.

Did you manage to find any other use for the candies in Miitomo? Let us know by commenting below.

Miitomo is an app from Nintendo that brings out a side of you your friends have never seen before!

How? By making a Mii of yourself that’s your personal go-between!

Ever wonder what fun details make you…YOU? Your Mii will find out by asking you questions about yourself!

Want your friends to know all about these little insights into your likes, dislikes, or just what you’re thinking lately? Your Mii will go visit your friends’ Mii characters and tell them!


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  1. How does it increase your fashion level? The more you have? When you get it? Or is there a way to put the candy twords it?


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