Merge Mansion: Rufus Causes Chaos Event Guide (Tasks & Requirements)

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Rufus Causes Chaos is an in-game event in Merge Mansion, initially launched to celebrate the addition of the 19th area in the game, Rufus’ Park.

This event, like most others in the game, comes with a set of primary tasks that are fun to complete (and have amazing rewards), but also a set of secondary tasks. It’s also required for getting the Table Saw, for example.

If you are curious to know in advance about the Rufus Causes Chaos event tasks, look no further – we have them all listed below, including the items required to complete them.

We’ll start with the primary tasks, as these offer the best rewards (and are the more challenging to complete).

Rufus Causes Chaos Primary Tasks

rufust causes chaos primary tasks

There is a total of 30 primary tasks to complete. I am going to list them all below in batches of 10.

1-1 Rufus left his paw printsSponge Lvl 3 & Wood Lvl 1
1-2 We should clean them upBucket Lvl 2 & Post Light Lvl 3
1-3 Julius needs our helpGarden Knife Lvl 1 & Wood Lvl 2
1-4 The dog’s a messy pup!Plunger Lvl 4 & Post Light Lvl 4
1-5 Paw prints on the sidewalksGarden Fork Lvl 2 & Wood Lvl 3
1-6 Paw prints on the roadsCloth Lvl 1 & Post Light Lvl 5
1-7 Rufus trailed mud everywhereSponge Lvl 3 & Post Light Lvl 6
1-8 We need to clean up loadsSpade Lvl 5 & Wood Lvl 4
1-9 Got to scrub those dirty feetSpray Bottle Lvl 5 & 2 Wood Lvl 4
1-10 Dogs are messy – but sweet!Brush Lvl 6 & Gardening Gloves Lvl 3
1-11 Clean up paw printsGarden Knife Lvl 1 & Large Seed Bag Lvl 4
1-12 Make everything sparkleGarden Fork Lvl 2 & Gloves Lvl 3
1-13 Scrub away the dirtSpade Lvl 5 & Large Seed Bag Lvl 4
1-14 We need to make things shineCloth Lvl 1 & Liquid Soap Lvl 3
1-15 Gotta keep things clean2 Post Light Lvl 6 & Wood Lvl 4
1-16 Tidy up after the dogSponge Lvl 3 & Power Detergent Lvl 4
1-17 Get supplies for JuliusGarden Knives Lvl 1 & Gardening gloves Lvl 3
1-18 Move the mud from the pathsSpade Lvl 5 & Large Seed Bag Lvl 4
1-19 Clean up after RufusWheelbarrow Lvl 9 & Gardening Gloves Lvl 3
1-20 Scrub those paw prints awayPlunger Lvl 4& 2 Wood Lvl 4
1-21 Make things shine shine shine!Spray Bottle Lvl 5 & Softener Lvl 5
1-22 Julius needs cleaning suppliesBrush Lvl 6 & 2 Wood Lvl 3
1-23 Everything we need to wash upLeaf Rake Lvl 7 & Gardening gloves Lvl 3
1-24 This will get the mud awayGarden Fork Lvl 2 & Large Seed Bag Lvl 4
1-25 Rufus is cute but chaotic!Hedge Shears Lvl 8 & Gardening Gloves Lvl 3
1-26 We’ll clean this town upPlunger Lvl 4 & Turpentine Lvl 6
1-27 Let’s get more supplies2 Post Light & 4 Wood
1-28 This should do the trickBrush Lvl 6 & Polishing Wax Lvl 7
1-29 Let’s make more suppliesWheelbarrow Lvl 9 & Large Seed Bag Lvl 4
1-30 Less mud, more cleaning!Brush Lvl 6 & Turpentine Lvl 6

Rufus Causes Chaos Secondary Tasks

You unlock the secondary tasks in this event after completing the 10th mission of the Primary task. They offer less impressive rewards, but are a bit easier to complete and, in the end, any new reward is welcome.

We have 20 secondary tasks and you can check them out below:

2-1 We can do this!2 Post Light Lvl 6 & Softener Lvl 5
2-2 The streets will soon be cleanGarden Fork Lvl 2 & Soap Lvl 2
2-3 Rufus won’t make any more messSpade Lvl 5 & 2 Wood Lvl 4
2-4 Julius should be happier nowBrush Lvl 6 & Gardening Gloves Lvl 3
2-5 We need some more suppliesDustpan Lvl 7 & Power Detergent Lvl 4
2-6 This will help to clean upDuster Lvl 8 & Liquid Soap Lvl 3
2-7 This is just what we need3 Post Light Lvl 6 & Power Detergent Lvl 4
2-8 Mess, begone!Gardening Knife Lvl 1 & Liquid Soap Lvl 3
2-9 If only Rufus could help clean!Leaf Rake Lvl 7 & Toothpaste Lvl 1
2-10 Clean sidewalks, coming upDuster Lvl 8 & Wood Lvl 4
2-11 A messy dog is a happy dogPlunger Lvl 4 & Soap Lvl 2
2-12 Take that, dirty paw prints!Spray Bottle Lvl 5 & Gardening Gloves Lvl 3
2-13 No more mud!3 Post Light Lvl 6 & Soap Lvl 2
2-14 There are a lot of paw prints!Wheelbarrow Lvl 9 & Liquid Soap Lvl 3
2-15 Who knew Rufus was so messy?Hedge Shears Lvl 8 & Softener Lvl 5
2-16 The dirt is nearly gone!Duster Lvl 8 & Gardening Gloves Lvl 3
2-17 We need to scrub a little moreMop Lvl 9 & 3 Wood Lvl 4
2-18 No more muddy paw printsSqueegee Lvl 10 & Soap Lvl 2
2-19 We deserve a round of a-paws!3 Post Light Lvl 6 & Turpentine Lvl 6
2-20 Let’s get the last paw prints!Broom Lvl 11 & Polishing Wax Lvl 7


As you can see, it’s worth giving it your best shot to complete the Rufus Causes Chaos event in the game, as there are plenty of great rewards to be had.

Also, if you’re looking into other events and limited items, check out my previous guide on getting the Garden Statue and Tin Can.

Do you have any other comments to make regarding this in-game event? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts below!


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3 thoughts on “Merge Mansion: Rufus Causes Chaos Event Guide (Tasks & Requirements)”

  1. I struggled to finish the RCC event.. I had two tasks outstanding, I was waiting for cleaning stuff. Then it timed out.

    I had in game message on Saturday? to inform the Rufus Causes Chaos “RCC” event is back on. I was advised to check my task list.

    I did but found no mention whatsoever of the event.. nor indeed any RCC type tasks to do …???

    Two questions:
    1) Has anyone else experienced this problem….??
    2) Had you not completed phase 1?
    I timed out on phase left 1 – 2 tasks uncompleted

    I’d be happy to finish them…given the chance!

    3) Does this roll back to phase one again?? In the future

    Any advice be greatly appreciated ğŸ˜Ž

  2. Not enough soap/ wax products are produced. And I have the max cabinet and taking forever to make another one. Also storage spaces cost too much. Everything could be more reasonable since you don’t offer free play on occasion.


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