Me Girl Love Story Crafting Guide: How to Craft all the Guys in the Lab?

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Me Girl Love Story is a really captivating game that really tests out your virtual dating skills and capability to research the best guys for the Glammar magazine and turn it into a publication with billions of readers. However, things are not that simple when it comes to finding the guys to feature on the cover of your magazine, especially when many of them have to be crafted in the lab in order to be unlocked.

I am here to help you craft all the characters that you need in the game and share with you the ingredients required for each of them. It’s mostly a trial and error kind of thing, but I am sure that if we work together, we know exactly what to do and how to do it in order to unlock all the characters and cruise through the crafting system.

Remember, in order to craft a guy, you need to combine two already maxed out and discovered guys. The quests descriptions should be read carefully as there are sometimes hints in them, and if a combination fails it will be removed so that you won’t be able to try again something that failed before.

So let’s move on to Me Girl Love Story crafting and see the requirements for each guy:

Street Racer: Mechanic and Stage Actor
Indie Musician: Garage Guitarist and Barista
Town Hero: Coming soon. Any help?

Right now, this guide is a work in progress. Please share with us your combinations for the Me Girl Love Story crafting, so that we can all go through this as fast as possible! Thanks and have fun!


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  1. I know how to get the town hero but it says I have to have 13 guys to unlock and I have 12 but I can’t find the last one I need… Please Help


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