Maguss “Spell Is Not Available” Error and How to Fix It

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Being the Harry Potter superfan that I am, I’m spending my time on various websites related to JK Rowling’s universe, some more obscure that the others. I’m already anticipating the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from the creators of Pokemon GO, and practically anything related to the Potterverse.

And it was thanks to one of these websites that I found out about Maguss. Maguss is an augmented reality game that mixes sorcery with Pokemon Go mechanics, resulting in an absolutely amazing experience that I truly love. So thanks for sharing the news and helping me get yet another addiction, Harry Potter Wizards Unite fansite!

In Maguss, you jump straight into the action: you create your character, you start learning spells, you brew your own potions, battle various magical creatures and other players in PvP duels… it’s basically Harry Potter Go without Dumbledore and the company.

But not everything’s perfect in the game, as I was about to find out when I got hit with the “Spell is not available” error message in Maguss:

This happened only moments after starting to play the game, during the tutorial and after unlocking the healing spell. When I wanted to tap it and move it into my spell slots, I got the error message above. I was devastated as I though I won’t be able to progress and enjoy the amazing game, but fortunately that’s not the case.

And since I might not be the only one who gets this error, I decided to write this short guide on how to fix the Maguss error “Spell is not available”.

All you have to do is to force quit the game, remove it from the cache (by swiping it away, from the open apps – this is done differently depending on what device you have), then restart it.

And that’s it! You won’t lose the money that you spent on unlocking the spell in the first place and now, instead of the Buy button, you will have a Place button that will allow you to use that spell. Phew! I am so happy that it’s a lot easier than anticipated!

And fortunately, that was the only error that I had while playing the game, and I’ve managed to increase my level several times already and I’m sure I won’t stop here. The game does get a little slow every now and then, but I am sure that once the servers are balanced and the developers can handle the huge load of wannabe wizards, everything’s going to be fine.

And you can play the game without any problem, now that you know how to fix the Spell not Available error in the game.

But don’t hesitate to let us know, by commenting below, if you get any other type of error message or problems when playing Maguss. We’ll do our best to help you fix it and enjoy the game at maximum levels, as you should!

And in case you haven’t downloaded the game yet for whatever reason, do yourself a favor and install Maguss from Google Play. Hopefully, it will arrive soon on iOS as well.


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