Logging Out of Kik: How to Do It

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Kik is one of the most popular chat platforms on the internet. It connects millions of users through their platform. Like many apps, they have a sign up and sign in feature. Our post will detail how to properly log out of Kik.

Logging out of Kik is one of the best way to ensure that no one will use your Kik account without your permission.  It is the best way to keep your Kik Account Safe. Follow our guide below to learn how to properly log out of Kik.

What Is Kik?

With the rise of globalization, the world has become smaller in terms of getting in touch with someone. Communication has no borders.

You can send a text or call someone on the other end of the planet with just a few clicks. This has led to various companies introducing messenger apps to smoothen as well as innovate the process of smartphones connecting individuals all around the world.

Introducing Kik. Launched in 2009, it has become a widely popular application to exchange a few words with virtually anyone you want. It features a wide range of popular emojis you can choose from along with supplementary features than many other applications also have.

Kik provides the added benefit of simplicity and ease of use along with Kik bots, which keep you entertained with fashion recommendation, quizzes, etc.

You can also be in a group conversation and engage in games with your friends. It is constantly updated to make it certain that the app runs smoothly and privacy is maintained.

Kik is partners with J-14 magazine, World Wildlife Fund, Sephora, Target, Paramount Pictures, CNN, DreamWorks and H&M to mention a few names. All of these are giant brand names which dominate the market in various fields and are available for Kik users to be instantly connected with.

This definitely helps the app penetrate the market as it caters to teenagers mostly since this age bracket is its most frequent users. These names and more help entice potential users as well as existing users to prolong the use of this app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Kik

Kik App on Phone

There are many advantages of using Kik. Many customers have written good reviews about the app, commending it for its ease of use and various features. A few of the app’s pros include the following:

  • It is free and available in almost all e-stores.
  • It can be downloaded on any smartphone.
  • It is easy to use and can be easily managed.
  • It is user-friendly and has an assortment of features to keep the user entertained.
  • It has features to block certain individuals the user may feel uncomfortable talking to.
  • It is updated on a regular basis.

A few disadvantages are mentioned below:

  • Young users may abuse their privilege by talking to strangers and behaving inappropriately.
  • Some users may send inappropriate information back and forth which can be used against them.

Its usage depends on the user, depending on how they use their privilege. This has led to a couple of parents revoking their underage child’s texting rights as well as logging out of Kik.

Why Would Anyone Want to Log Out of Kik?

A person may want to log out of Kik for various reasons. Some of them may include:

Own Preference

A person may simply want to log out of Kik out of their own will, no reasons needed and no questions asked. They may want to log out if they are constantly getting notifications for incoming texts while they are studying, working, in a meeting, etc.

Some users do not feel like deactivating their account, so they simply log out for a while till they feel like getting back on it.

Privacy Concerns

The user may be concerned about their privacy and log out to maintain it. Even though the app has a privacy policy, most people do not review it and log out.

Security Issues

A person may be harassed by being confronted with an unknown number or maybe someone known to them making them feel uncomfortable due to which they may feel the need to log out.

The app also features a blocking option, but if the abuser or person is added into the contacts and if the user has had a good amount of conversation with them, then it is natural for them to feel on edge. Logging out can give them some peace of mind.

Logging Into a New Device

You could be changing devices and may want to access your Kik account on your other device, but before you can do so, you will have to log out from your old device.

Logging In with a Different Account

A person may have more than one account on Kik or their friend may need access to their Kik account on the user’s device. However, when an account is already logged in, you cannot open another account, which is why the person will have to log out.

How to Log Out of Kik?

In a nutshell, you can log out by going to Settings, tapping on Your Account and tapping on the Log Out option. Know that once you have logged out of your account, your messages and data will be wiped out of the system unless you back them up.

Once you log in again, your account will be restored along with your contacts, but not the messages.

There is a certain procedure that must be followed in order to log out of Kik. By following these steps, you may be able to successfully log out with your messages intact.

Step Number 1

Save any messages you may hold dear as without backing up, you can lose these messages for good. You can save these messages elsewhere such as in another document by copying and pasting them or you can take a screenshot.

Step Number 2

On the upper right corner of your screen, you will be able to view a gear or cog button. By tapping on that, you will be able to open the settings.

Step Number 3

By selecting your account, you will be able to view the details you have entered into the system.

Step Number 4

By scrolling down and tapping the Reset Kik option, a text box will appear asking you to confirm if you want to reset. By doing this, you will be able to log out. However, your messages will be lost but not your contacts.

Step Number 5

You have successfully logged out. You can now either delete the app or let it be.

You can also log in again by putting in your login identification and password.


By following these steps, you can log out of Kik with your messages intact and log in whenever you may feel like it. This app is definitely user-friendly and does a great job at connecting people from all over the globe.

Although an option might not be available within the system that saves messages on its own, you never know when the company might come up with an update that might solve this issue.

All in all, this application is interactive, useful, cost-free and easy to handle, making it a great communication tool. Hopefully, this article may be able to help you log out of your Kik account with your conversations saved.


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