Little Amazon Review (iPad and iPhone)

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I am a fan of third person endless runners and not side scrolling ones, but for some reason Little Amazon seemed to lure me in. And I am glad I decided to give this side scrolling endless runner a try, because it was well worth it! Check out this review to see why I ended up so amped up about this game!

Unlike most of the endless runners, Little Amazon has a story behind it – a story that has you fighting against an evil spirit who plans to take over the forest and destroy it. Of course, your goal will be that of preventing that from happening and even though usually running is not an option, in this game you’ll see that it really pays off.

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There are a ton of obstacles in your way – from “natural” ones like poisonous vines, deep waters and all sort of free falls, to various monsters that decide to make your adventure even more challenging right when you were ready for a breather. The gameplay is pretty easy: there are two touch buttons to the left and the right of the screen allowing you to jump (hold longer for a higher jump) or attack (hold longer for special attacks). It’s pretty easy in concept, but you will end up realizing that synchronizing every movement is not that simple and you need quite some skills to do it.

Along the way, as in any endless runner, you have to collect coins which can be later on used to purchase upgrades. In Little Amazon’s case, your upgrades will be to your jumping height, extra shooting powers and special and extremely expensive ones that I didn’t get a chance to purchase yet. Well, at least I’m being honest!

And honest I am when I say that Little Amazon is a really nice game. The main character is charming, the gameplay is flawless and I never encountered any problems (like lagging, lack of response from the touch controls or crashes) so I can highly recommend it to any person who likes endless runners. It is challenging, it is varied and it packs quite a punch for its cheap price of nothing!

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