Kunin Cheats & Tips for All Ninjas Out There

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Kunin is a nice new skill game that has just been launched on the App Store and it has some great graphics, as well as other features like endless replayability that make us keep on playing Kunin. Getting a high score in this game is pretty difficult – at least when it comes to getting one that tops the leaderboards, but I am here, fellow ninjas, to help you with a set of Kunin cheats and tips that will hopefully increase your chances of winning the game and scoring better.

If you played the game, you know that there’s not much that I can do to help, but we can give it a try by checking out some Kunin tips and cheats!

Jumping vs falling
The speeds are different when you jump and fall, but the basics remain the same: you still have to tap in the right direction in order for your ninja life to be spared. Falling is slower and somewhat trickier because when you tap the sides of the display you no longer jump up, so spend some time getting used with each of the states your ninja can be in. This is the first key to victory.

Get the powerups
Whenever you see things that don’t look like weapons which are floating around, try to get to them and hit them as they give you some extra power, making your life as a ninja in danger a lot easier.

Don’t spend too much time on the plant
If you do, it will start to go down and you can still lose your life. Kunin is not a game made to be cheated easily, so you get no rest, fellow ninja!

Take breaks
If you’re starting to get way too frustrated because you can’t beat the game, take a break. If you play the game when angry, you won’t manage to get too far and things will get even worse. Take a short break, calm down, and you will see that when you’re back, you’ll do a lot better!

As I said, there is not much that I can do to help you with Kunin, but I do hope that these tips and tricks will help you at least a little bit when you next play the game. Have fun!


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