Kik vs. Facebook Messenger: Pros and Cons of Each

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Instant messaging apps are attaining a high level of popularity at a rapid pace. The inclination toward their usage has witnessed an upward trend since usage of smartphones became common.

Kik and Facebook Messenger allow you to connect with people without having to use your numbers for the same.

Thus, if you do not want to exchange your number with someone, these apps would prove to be the perfect option for you. Moreover, these apps are available free of charge, and thus there are no hindrances that you will have to face.

However, there is one question which would spring to mind, and that is which of these apps should you use? Which one is better? What are the shortcomings that both have?

This is what we are going to shed some light on so that you can gauge which of these would prove to be suitable for your usage.

An Overview – Facebook Messenger vs Kik

Both the apps are similar in quite a few ways. For one thing, they offer you quite a bit of convenience along with privacy since you would not have to share your number with people to receive instant messages.

However, when it is privacy that we talk about, there are some differences between the two apps that you ought to know about.

While both of the apps give user privacy significant attention, some important pointers ought to be noted. For the purpose of contacting via Kik, all that you would need is to exchange user names.

The registration process of Kik Messenger does require an email address, but that is always kept private. The email address is required to provide you with optimal security and also to enable you to cancel your Kik account when you want.

It is also used for the purpose of address book matching so that you can add your friends.

However, the address is never displayed to other users. It is just the username and display name that are disclosed. Thus, it is not necessary that your Kik Messenger friends know your identity. So, if it is the protection of your identity that you are looking for, this app would not let you down.

On the other hand, things are slightly different when it comes to Facebook since your identity is not provided with optimal protection. This is because the Facebook Messenger is linked to the Facebook profile and thus involves usage of your full name.

While you can adjust the privacy settings so as to acquire control over who manages to find you on Facebook and send you messages, people who are on Facebook will be able to find you unless you put up restrictions regarding the same.

This is the glaring difference that you will find between the two apps. Kik Messenger does not require any other app for functioning. It is a standalone app. Facebook Messenger is also a standalone app, but it does require you to register and acquire a Facebook account for usage.

However, one aspect where Facebook Messenger has an edge is that you can use it via any device as long as internet connection is available. This is owing to the fact that Facebook also has a desktop messenger which you can use anywhere you want with a lot of ease, irrespective of the device.

This is in contrast to Kik Messenger which can only be used on smartphones since it is a mobile app. If you want to make use of any other device, you can do so via the Android emulator which would, in turn, require a Google Play account with an attached Android device. This can be quite technical and complicated.

Pros & Cons

Now that we have discussed the various aspects associated with both the apps and what they have to offer, let us move on to discuss the pros and cons that each has. We are going to elaborate on the benefits that they have to offer along with the areas where they lack.

Pros of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger App

There are quite a few benefits that Facebook Messenger has to offer you.

  • For one thing, it is always synched to the cloud. This insures that backup is always enabled, irrespective of the device that you make use of. You would not have to worry about information being lost if you use this app.
  • The option of Invisible Status is provided. Thus, if you want to be on the app and yet not let others know about the same, you can do so by making use of this feature with ease.
  • The messenger also includes a media gallery which makes things a whole lot convenient.
  • You have the option of making a list of people you frequently contact on Facebook which would make access quite easy.
  • Via this messenger, you can let other users know about your current location. This feature comes in handy if you want to meet one of your contacts.
  • The app is designed keeping tablets in mind. Thus, the app provides you with an impressive user experience on mobiles and smartphones.
  • Facebook Messenger incorporates the contact list of your phone. Thus, you can use the app to message people on your contact list, provided that they make use of Facebook. It is not necessary for the person to be your Facebook friend for the same.

Pros of Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger also has quite a bit to offer. The features that it is provided with put up a compelling case in its favor.

  • You have the option of sending temporary images via Kik Messenger. If you want to insure that the pictures you send are not saved by the other person, you can enable the option of self-destruction. This gives the other person the time to see the picture but not save them. The pictures are available for viewing for only some seconds.
  • Via this app, you can decide whether you want to be approachable to the strangers or only those who are added to your chat list.
  • The app is provided with built-in web browser. Thus, you can use it to go online without having to stop the chat midway for the same.
  • The app also features a store. Via this store, you can purchase content including the likes of stickers among others for the purpose of bringing a different touch to your chats.
  • You can use the app to send video, pictures, and music files.

Cons of Facebook Messenger

There are certain areas where the Facebook Messenger fails to garner appreciation, and room for improvement is present.

  • You do not have the option of logging out the Facebook Messenger within the app since no logout button is available. For the purpose of logging out, you will need to go to the option of Settings and click on applications, following which the option of Manage Applications will have to be selected. You will then have to open the messenger and click on the option of clear data. It does not provide you with any control over notifications.
  • Another downside of the Facebook Messenger is that the aspect of privacy and security is somewhat restricted since you have to use your real name. People can also find out your location sometimes via Facebook Messenger, and thus attention to privacy settings needs to be given.

Cons of Kik Messenger

The Kik Messenger is also not without flaws. There are certain disadvantages associated with it.

  • The chat community of the app is not provided with a proper censor system. Thus, the underage people who make use of the app can acquire exposure to content that is not appropriate for them. This could also involve exchange of graphic images among other things.
  • The app is designed for people aged more than 17 years. However, various underage people also make use of the app since there is no proper system for age verification. Thus, children can indulge in conversation with strangers. This paves the way for the incidence of cyberbullying and similar other problems. Thus, it is important for parents to supervise the children and make sure that they do not gain access to Kik Messenger before the time is right for them.

Final Words

Both the apps enjoy immense popularity and offer you a whirl of benefits. While there are some shortcomings, on the whole, you will be pleased with what you get via these apps.

Various similarities are present in them while some features are unique to each one. For instance, Kik Messenger offers you the option of two-way opt-in, something which is lacking in Facebook messenger.

Similarly, the Facebook Messenger is always synced to cloud which is not the case with Kik Messenger. It all comes down to preference. When it comes to performance, both the apps are worth appreciation, and thus it is up to you to decide which of these apps you want to make use of.

Take the pros and cons of each into account and focus on your requirement before arriving at a conclusion for the same.


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