Jungle Moose Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Get the Apple

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Jungle Moose is a really fun and at the same time frustrating game that you simply can’t stop playing. Really, I did consider writing this article with a single hand, playing with the other, but it’s impossible! Jokes aside, I am here to try and help you get to the apple with some Jungle Moose cheats and tips. Because, yes, we can talk about a bit of strategy when it comes to a crazy game like this one.

So let’s not waste any time and if you want to get better at this and unlock all hats which make it all easier for you, check out App Amped’s Jungle Moose tips and cheats below!

Don’t get bitten!
Really, that’s extremely important! If your moose gets bitten once, things will go downhill from there and unless you are really close to reaching the shore, you are dead and have to restart. So save yourself a lot of stress and trouble and if you’re bitten, stop swiping and prepare for a new try.

How many fingers to use?
One finger, right? Oh, you are playing with two? I personally suggest going on a complete frenzy mode and play the game with both your hands and using at least four fingers. Madness ensures and you probably can’t do it in a public place, but when you’re all alone at home use both hands and go mad with it!

Focus on the piranhas on you
Although you want to throw away as many fish as possible from all directions, the most important part of the screen is that where your moose is. Make sure that you always keep your eyes on it and quickly remove any piranha that gets to you (stars begin to sparkle). You only have a very limited amount of time before they actually bite, so be quick otherwise tip #1 goes into effect.

Try to aim a bit
I know it’s pretty crazy to do it, but try to have at least a bit of aim and throw those fish into your antlers.
This way, you kill them and have fewer to worry about. Go for combos if possible for greater scoring streaks.

Don’t get distracted
With all the piranhas running around and jumping around, with potential achievements that you’ll unlock, you might be tempted to try and look around and understand something from what’s happening on the display. DON’T! Just stay focused on your only job: to keep the moose safe and you will succeed. As soon as you take your eyes of it for a second, some fish will bite you and it’s game over.

Jungle Moose is indeed a really frustrating game, but it’s that type of title that you’ll play on and on until you can’t play any more. If you managed to find any other good strategies, let us know in the comment section below!


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