Jelly Jump Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Keep on Going

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Ketchapp seems to be unable to run out of addictive games to send our way and I happily receive them all. Their latest offer is Jelly Jump, a game with great graphics and an interesting style, easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master. And even though I know it’s really hard to help, I am doing my best here with a bunch of Jelly Jump cheats and tips that will hopefully improve your game at least a little bit and help you get that high score that will drive your friends crazy.

As you probably know, there’s not a lot we can share in terms of strategy, but just reading some things and being aware might just help you take that extra step. So let’s waste no time and let’s go check out some Jelly Jump cheats and tips below!

1. Learn the pattern up to 5 points
Every time you will get the same starting sequence of obstacles, at the same speeds at least to 5 points (but I have the feeling that it’s a bit higher). Learn the pattern and you’ll score five easily, then focus on the rest. 100 maybe?

2. Use the early boost
As soon as you start the game, before jumping the first time, you have the option to spend 10 jelly (or whatever those drops are called) and you will be taken to level 10. That’s really worth doing if you are already a good player, as it’s after level 10 when you start collecting more of that jelly that can be considered the premium currency. And it always helps you get a head start, right?

3. A perfect jump is not always all that you need
Really, you don’t have to squeeze the jelly perfectly through the obstacles – they can even squash you a bit, and you can still keep on going. Sometimes you might need to tap the screen a few times to escape, but it’s not all lost if you are trapped (although usually it is). Still, it’s best if you manage to make that perfect jump – the more of those you get, the easier it will be for you to quickly act for the next move.

4. Don’t be in a hurry
In 90% of the cases I lose my Jelly Jump game because I tap the jump button too quickly. Usually, the obstacles are a lot slower than we’re tempted to believe, so always take your time and make sure that the moment you tap the screen is the perfect moment to do it.

5. Practice a lot
Even though you should take breaks because you will get angry playing the game, practice makes perfect here. After a few hours of not playing the game I always get a terrible streak early on before I start reaching the 30s and upwards. So the more you play, the better you get at this game!

Do you have other Jelly Jump tips and tricks for fellow players? Share them below! And if you don’t, at least brag about your highest score!


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