It’s Time to Run’n’Gun on your iPhone & iPad

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I like to see that developers are doing their best to expand the endless runner genre and Run’n’Gun from Gaijin Entertainment is a proof of how cool games can be if you do your best and try to mix and match the right features instead of simply copying the existing ones.

Combining endless runner mechanics with shooting gameplay and top notch 3D graphics, Run’n’Gun, available for iPhone and iPad, puts us in a fantasy universe inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm and challenges us to run and shoot for the treasure. You’re the hero and you must act like one!

Here are the hot features of Run’n’Gun:

  • Choose among five heroes, each with unique personal features and individual skills
  • Run through picturesque landscapes and varied locations inspired by Grimms’ fairy tales
  • Gun down the goblins to collect coins and earn bonuses
  • Pick up missions at the tavern, then complete them to earn rewards
  • Race against friends by comparing your records on Facebook
  • Easy and intuitive touch controls: swipe to jump over and slide under obstacles, tilt to strafe and aim, and tap to shoot

What really catches your eye is the overall look of the game – and the gameplay is pretty solid too, so you owe it to yourself to give Run’n’Gun a try, especially since it’s available for free from the Apple Store.

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