Island Experiment Keys: How to Get Them?

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We recently shared with you some Island Experiment tips and cheats, but one of the burning questions most players have is how to get more keys in the game. They are used to unlock chests and special areas and at some points it seems that they are quite impossible to get. Is this the case? Read on to find out in our article on how to get more Island Experiment keys!

You will get your first key as part of the quest early on when starting the game, but afterwards things will get more difficult. Although some players report that they simply get extra keys from performing regular actions in the game or exploring the mine, that has not been confirmed and indeed getting keys in Island Experiment is not easy.

But there are some ways to get some extra keys in the game: for example, after completing the Totem quests, you should get the precious item. Also, look on all possible tasks and whatever task says that a possible find is a key, that’s what you have to keep doing over and over again. Key drops are insanely rare, so you will have to work really hard to get them.

Are you finding it difficult, like the rest of us, to find more keys in Island Experiment or you found a way to get them? Let us know by commenting below!


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