iPad Air 2 Leaked: Here Are All the Details About Apple’s Next Tablet

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It appears that the folks over at Apple fave found a new taste for launching new products: apparently, after the launch of the iPhone 6, they are preparing the launch of the iPad Air 2 tablet and I am personally extremely excited to hear that the company is planning a new release here as well.

We are here to share with you all the leaked details regarding the iPad Air 2, from specifications to juicy details and hopefully really soon we’ll also be able to share some photos of the upcoming tablet. Until then, let’s find out everything there is to be known about the iPad Air 2!

According to The Michael Report, the iPad Air 2 has a bunch of amazing new features, like the Touch ID built into the home button. Finally, the camera will be upgraded and the second generation iPad Air will come with an 8 MP camera (compared to the 5MP camera of the current model). The new tablet will also be more powerful, boasting 2GB of RAM (the current model only has 1) and it will run on an Apple A8 processor. There will be no 16GB model, with Apple reportedly offering only the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB options. I still have a 16GB iPad model at home and I can understand why this is no longer an option today when apps require more and more space.

Design-wise, it appears that the iPad Air 2 will look very much like its older brother. However, it will be the slimmest tablet on market, being 0.5 mm thinner than the iPad Air 1, while it will also come in gold color. In order to keep the design super slim, the tablet will no longer have the mute/vibration switch, while the volume buttons are also more recessed. Finally, the two-row grill speakers that you can see on the current iPad Air model will be replaced by one row grill speakers.

Even though the iPad Air 2 will look pretty much like the the first model, what’s under the hood is greatly improved and that is all that matters. Being a personal fan of Apple’s tablets, I am really happy to hear about the upcoming model. There are no reports on the possible price yet, but don’t expect it to be cheap! Still, this is extremely exciting news!

[source: The Michael Report]


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