Impossible Dial Cheats & Tips to Get the Highest Possible Score

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Usually, when a game describes itself as “impossible” I smile and say “Bring it on, challenge accepted!” but in the case of the recently released Impossible Dial, it seems that it’s me who was wrong and indeed it’s impossible to keep on going in this game. However, it’s not impossible to get a high score greater than those of your friends and I am here to help you with that as much as I can with some Impossible Dial cheats and tips to get a huge high score.

As you probably know already, the game is all about the skill and very little about strategy, but we can make it a little bit easier so read on and maybe you will get a little better – maybe good enough to hit 100 points or more!

Tap in the middle
One extremely important rule is to tap when the dial reaches the middle area of the color: this way you have a bit of extra time to see what the next color is and tap at the right moment if it’s the nearest one. It gets more and more difficult as the speed increases, but you should always do your best to tap when the dial is in the middle and you’ll keep on going until you can tap no more.

Slow the dial down
It seems that this works better on older iPhone models, but it’s worth trying anyway: you can slow down the dial a little bit by having as many apps running in the backgroud as possible. So open up 15-20 apps, those that are extremely demanding on processor power and the dial will get a little bit sluggish, giving you some extra milliseconds – but just enough to get to an insane high score that none of your friends will ever have a chance to beat.

Apart from that, there’s not much I can help you with when it comes to Impossible Dial, as it’s all about your skill and reaction speed. But with the two tips above you will hopefully be able to get at least a few dozen extra points which should help. And of course, if you have some other tips and cheats for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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