Icon Pop Songs Answers Level 1

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Here we are again with a fun game. We have for you Icon Pop Songs Answers so we can make it easy for you to advance more in the game. We will gather all the levels in Icon Pop Songs tag so you have everything you need in the same place.

For now we found all the song titles and artist for Icon Pop Songs Level 1. We have divided them by the number of letters everyone has so you can look it through more easily because they put them in a random order. Choose you answer from this list:

Icon Pop Songs Level 1 Song Title Answers

4 Letters Word: HALO

8 Letters Words: PRICE TAG

8 Letters Word: UMBRELLA

9 Letters Word: APOLOGIZE

10 Letters Words: WE ARE YOUNG

11 Letters Words: CALL ME MAYBE


Icon Pop Songs Level 1 Artist Answers

4 Letters Words: NE – YO

5 Letters Word: ADELE

7 Letters Words: MAROON 5

8 Letters Words: LADY GAGA

9 Letters Words: KATY PERRY

13 Letters Words: BRITNEY SPEARS

Did you find what you were looking for? I hope so, because we will be back with the next level as soon as we can and you’ll have to be ready with this to go further in the game. See you later!

Update: Check out the new Icon Pop Songs Answers Level 2, we delivered to you as promised. Have fun!


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