Hungry Nerds Cheats: Tips & Strategy for Insane High Scores

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Crazy Labs has launched yet another fun and simple game on the App Store: Hungry Nerds. Feeding the zany characters is really fun and generally simple, but this still doesn’t mean that you can’t do with some extra help. So we’ve decided to share with you a bunch of Hungry Nerds cheats and tips that will surely help you get the highest possible scores and tons of coins to show your friends who the boss is.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below our Hungry Nerds cheats and tips article!

1. Find landmarks for better throwing
The easiest way to pull out the perfect throw is to set “landmarks” based on the speed of the wind and the side it’s blowing from. Take the tiles on the floor as a guideline, the tongue of the nerds or anything else that helps you know exactly where to stop swiping your finger based on the wind speed. With this little trick you can easily go with infinite combos and, in return, a ton of extra points!

2. You can’t really lose!
My first try got me all the way to 25,000 points and I decided to quit the game and restart, thinking that it was a glitch involved that kept me going. It was not the case and you can easily go on endless runs if you have the time for this. Usually, no matter what the speed of the wind is, you have the same point where to end your shot (vertically). If you never get past that point (usually where the tongue meets the face), you will never hit the nerds with the food.

3. Other foods are just for fun
If you want to make things more difficult (and more fun) you should go for different types of foods. They do change the rules of the game a bit since each food has its own weight and you need different landmarks to score that perfect shot, so only try them if you really want to and you want to know what their effect is: each food that you can purchase comes with different visual elements, like football players jumping over the nerds when you feed them the Football, their face turning red if you feed them the chilly and so on. However, as I said, this is all just for fun and if you want to get the highest possible score, stick to the cupcake and you’ll be just fine!

This would be everything that we have in terms of Hungry Nerds tips and strategies. Do you have something extra to add? Let us know in the comment section below!


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