How to Unlock Deck Building Option in South Park: Phone Destroyer

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The amazing and highly under-appreciated South Park: Phone Destroyer has been finally launched on mobile! However, many players have a big problem related to the game: how to unlock the deck builder and customize your deck in South Park: Phone Destroyer?

I found it extremely strange that you are not allowed to build your own deck and it makes no sense to have a ton (and growing) of cards that are randomly thrown away in a pile that you have no control over.

Just that… it’s not the case! The game unfortunately doesn’t tell you about this, but you do have the option to customize your deck, choose your cards, level them up and develop a perfect strategy, so it’s not all random and absolutely crazy (what could be, in the end, expected from a South Park game).

So… how do you unlock the deck building option in South Park: Phone Destroyer?

You have to keep playing! Eventually, you will unlock this option in the menu, and it’s relatively early in the game.

You do have to play and complete the single player missions though – I don’t remember exactly when you unlock the Deck options, but I believe it’s mission six (after beating the first chapter in the single player campaign and AFTER winning your first PvP battle).

Many people jump straight into the PvP battles because that’s where you get your huge rewards from, but that is not really the ideal way to play the game.

Instead, you should go through the single player campaign first, unlock everything there is to be unlocked – including the option to customize your deck, and then go for PvP and everything else, controlling the cards you send into battle and upgrading the ones you enjoy the most.

So this would be it, to sum it up again: there is a deck building and customization options in South Park: Phone Destroyer, but you have to unlock it by completing the single player battles first. That’s actually the final thing that you unlock in the game, so after getting it, you can say that you have access to all features in this awesome game.

And if you want even more guides, don’t hesitate to check back often as we’re planning to run an awesome marathon of card reviews and guides for South Park: Phone Destroyer!


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