How to Uninstall or Delete an iPad App or Game?

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After getting my iPad I went on an install frenzy and soon I had tens of apps installed on my device. Of course, I was not satisfied with them all and I ended up wondering how to uninstall or delete iPad apps from my device. Most of them were games, but it doesn’t really matter, because the process is the same in all cases.

So if you got bored with your recently (or not) installed iPad app, you can easily uninstall or delete it following the next steps:

1. Tap and hold your finger over the icon of the app you want to uninstall until it starts to shake.

2. Now a red X button should appear to its upper left corner (actually, similar buttons will appear on all the corners of the iPad apps). All you have to do is to click that button and confirm that you want to delete (uninstall) that game or app from your iPad!

There are two problems that you might encounter, however:

First, you might not even get the chance to see the red X to delete the app. If this happens, you have to go to your iPad’s Settings (tap the button on the home screen), navigate to “General” in the left sidebar and turn off the Restrictions for Deleting Apps,

Second, your apps might re-sync. To prevent that from happening, after uninstalling your app, plug in the iPad in your computer and in iTunes go to iPad -> Applications tab and un-check the app you have installed from the sync list.

And this is it! You know now how to uninstall and delete an iPad Game or app!


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