How to Get More People / Workers in Island Experiment?

I love playing Island Experiment, even though it’s so difficult to find the keys required for opening the chests and even though there are missions that I have a really difficult time to complete. Also, one of the things that annoys me the most is the limitation on how many workers or people you can have in Island Experiment and I am sure that I am not the only one who wants to have more.

So if you want to know how to get more people or workers in Island Experiment, read on!

Right now, you start with and max out at 4 villagers on the island and you can only get one more – explore the island all the way to the Pyramid and somewhere nearby you will find a person trapped in a spider web. Free that person and you will get your fifth worker in the game.

Some people have six workers, though, and it appears that it’s because of an early feature of the game that is no longer available: you could purchase an additional worker for 60 Gems. However, that’s no longer an option now, so we’ll have to learn to do with just a maximum of 5 people in our game.

Hopefully, a future update will bring us even more workers. There’s a lot of stuff to be done in the game and so little time!



    1. boo Reply

      I only have 3 to yet everything I read says you start with 4. I’mean wondering if they lowered it in an update

      1. Kerrie Reply

        Me too, I started out the game with only three, when I read that everyone else’s Island starts with four I thought maybe mine was a glitch?

        1. Michelle Reply

          Same here I started with 3 a few days ago and am on level 12 and still cant find the 4th and Im not even close to the Pyramis yet its still in the clouds. Help.

    2. Michelle Nar Reply

      You only start with 3 now. 4th is stuck behind spider webs all the way back of Pyramid area. You can now buy 1 for $2.99 real money that makes 5. I was told there was another in bottom right after you finally get through that gate. I’ve been clearing in there. And no luck yet. 10/13/2015. Let me know if you find any.

      1. Rene Reply

        what gate? on the main island or volcano island??? or one of the other ones? ughh. I can’t remember where I got my 4th worker but I think it was when i left the main island the 1st time.

      2. Kerry Reply

        There is another guy but he doesn’t help with any of the work. He has resources and you have to purchase them off him. He’s quite greedy too.

  1. Michelle W. Reply

    Every time I log on, it shows that I have a new pet, I can see my island in the back ground, but an error message keeps showing saying ” Lost Connection, Check Internet Connection ” My Internet is working fine, I can’t get pass this error message, How can this be fixed without having to re-install the game ?

    1. Elizabeth Reply

      Check for updates, force stop the app, and open again. If that doesn’t work uninstall and reinstall. DON’T CLEAR THE CACHE! As long as you are signed in with Facebook it should carry over, mine did when I just got a new phone. I went from Samsung Galaxy s3 to s5 and love it! (Btw) One thing I love about this game is the ability to play on Facebook and my phone. So when you install again you have to skip through the beginning short tutorial and then sign into Facebook from the icon at the bottom. I’m on level 16 now.

      Thanks for the 4th guy info I was wondering if Weiss is a waste of time or not. But thinking since his task is at the top it’s part of the storyline and I have to complete to move on. Also anyone tell me how I get into the pyramid area? I’m almost clear to there.

  2. Dwayne Reply

    What’s the deal with Sandy? She appeared one day and she’s been standing on the beach for months. I can’t do anything with her, when I click on her I get a message saying the object will be available later. I read that I was supposed to start out with 4 workers but only have 3. Is she the 4th worker, and how do I unlock her?

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  4. Heather Wilson Reply

    How do I enter the Cave of Riches? I have cleared the way to the entrance. I click on the cave and nothing happens. I don’t even get a pop up of what I need to do next. What am I doing wrong?

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