How to Get Gears in Island Experiment

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One extremely important resource in the game – and also one that’s pretty difficult to get is the gear. If you’re wondering how to get more gears in Island Experiment, we have the answer for you so that you can finally upgrade that warehouse and get the so much needed storage space.

Without further ado, the Gears are produced in the game by a single “building”: the Fallen Satellite. You only get one every 24 hours, so make sure you don’t sell them and you collect them daily! Also, if you haven’t gotten to the Fallen Satellite yet, focus all your efforts to get there, otherwise progress through the game will become a bit more difficult because you won’t be able to upgrade the warehouse.

And this would be it: right now, there are no other known ways to get more gears in Island Experiment. But if you manage to find another source of this extremely useful and rare resource, comment below and let us know.

If now, I really hope that our answer helped you and you now know how to get them and upgrade your Warehouse.


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9 thoughts on “How to Get Gears in Island Experiment”

  1. thanks,, that was choking me.. and it was going to charge me something like 48 diamonds to get around that..
    sending out a team, (of one) for the satellite now 🙂

  2. ok did some extra checking..
    sell anything labeled “prizes”, it’ll buy you time and warehouse space until you can get to the fallen sat.

  3. Yes,right. Any idea if we still need oil drill? I bought it and now its not an available option for buying. It would have been good if we could sell the buildings or decorations in exchange of coins.


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