How to Change Your Snapchat Username

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Snapchat is a multimedia mobile application as well as an image messaging service. The key feature of this application is that the pictures that are taken are only available for a very short period of time till they become unavailable to the user.

Snapchat is quite a popular application and has more than 188 million daily active users as of June 30, 2019. One of the first things you do when you sign up for Snapchat is create a Snapchat Username.

How to change your Snapchat Username

There are many times a lot of users may feel awkward sharing their Snapchat user id due to their user name being immature or embarrassing. This makes a lot of people wonder whether there is any way that the Snapchat user name could be changed. Unfortunately, there is no way the user name can be changed on Snapchat for the users.

However, if there is a dire need where you simply cannot share you user id with anyone than the only way to go about it, is to delete your current Snapchat account and make a brand new up by signing up for Snapchat again.

Alternatively, the other way around it, is to change your “display” name rather than your user id, and that would be the name that users can see you when they Snapchat with you.

First, you would need to delete your existing Snapchat account in order to create a new one. The steps are as follows:

1. Open your Snapchat application on your phone. Now swipe down on the application, anywhere on the screen. This way you can open the accounts page.

2. Now go to the settings section. Then go towards the “More” information section and open up the ‘support’.

3. Now go to the “my account and settings” section, which will be the last one from the drag down list. Then go on Account Information.

4. Once you have reached the “account information” part, click on “Delete my account” from this section. This will lead you to another page which will explain the user how to delete their account.

5. The user would need to tap on the second paragraph on the page to delete the account. It would require the user to enter their current user name and password in order to confirm their decision of deleting the account.

6. Once you have entered your username and your password it means your account is now in the process of being deleted. It is going to be deactivated for the first 30 days after which it will automatically be deleted.

If the user however, decides to change their mind and keep the account, then can do so within the first 30 days of their account being deactivated.

Creating a New Snapchat account

Now that you have deleted your old Snapchat account, you are ready to make a new one, with a brand new user name and password for a fresh new start! The process and the steps are as follows:

1. Once you have downloaded the Snapchat application on your phone, you can simply click on the application and go on “Sign up” to make a new account.

2. You would have to enter your personal information in the section and as per the instructions.

3. Once you have entered all the relevant information it is asking for, you can click on “sign up and accept”

4. Then you can enter other personal details it will ask, such as your birthday and finally it will prompt you to enter a Username, through which you friends can add you to their Snapchat.

It will then prompt you to enter your e-mail address. This email address that you will provide must be different from the previous e-mail address that you were using for old Snapchat account.

5. Once you have made this new account, you can go to the settings sections and change your e-mail address on that and enter your old email address in that section.

How to change your Snapchat display name

The other option for changing your user name is to changing your Snapchat display name, since the user name cannot be changed, as already mentioned, the user has the option of changing the display name.

This can be down in the following steps:

1. Go on the Snapchat application on your Smartphone and click to open it. Enter your user name and password to log in, unless you are logged in automatically.

2. Next, you should swipe down on the screen, anywhere. This will open the accounts section.

3. Now click on the star shaped icon which is on the right hand corner of the page and this leads the user to the settings page.

4. Once you are on the settings page, you need to click on the Name section from the list.

5. Now enter the new display name that you want to change your previous one to. You can change it to whatever you like, whether it is your first name or last or a combination of both. It is however, good to change it to something that your friends can recognize you by. There is also the option of simply “removing” your display name from the settings.

6. Now click on “save” button and your new display name is saved! Now click to go back and everyone will now be able to see the new user name that you have chosen for yourself.


There may be many reasons why someone would want to change your user name on snap chat. Maybe they do not want a particular set of people to follow them or simply because they do not want to be associated with their old username. Making a completely new user name is the only viable option since the username cannot be changed on Snapchat and this option is actually quite simple and easy.

The user however, as the option whether they want to delete their old Snapchat account or not. If they want, they can simply keep on using their new Snapchat account and keep the old one running as well. The other option is to just change their display name which the friends can see them by.


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