How to Beat King of Thieves Level 21 (3 Stars)

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I have had a terrible time trying to beat level 21 in King of Thieves and probably you are in a similar situation: the level seems impossible to beat, especially for the three star rating, and I won’t lie by saying that it’s insanely difficult. But it’s doable and with some perfect timing and a lot of practice, you can easily get the three star rating in the game.

And we are here to help with a complete guide on how to beat King of Thieves level 21 with a 3 star rating. You will need a bit of luck, perfect timing and some practice, but we’ll tell you exactly when you start and how to do it.

The biggest problem in this level is the little bug that follows you – but it can be beaten! Simply wait after starting the level until you see the bottom red monster reach the grass on the left. Then jump quickly all the way to the left wall where the red monster comes to lure the flying beast in. Go back to the starting point in the extreme left corner and wait. Now this requires perfect timing: as soon as the flying monster reaches the top of the door, you have to start jumping. Tap quickly in order to jump up and avoid it, jump on the next platform then upwards again and slide through the red monsters.

If my indications are not clear enough, you can check out below the video guide on how to beat level 21 in King of Thieves for a 3 star rating:

It’s really difficult, but doable – so go out there and make it happen! Good luck!


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