Hoppy Frog Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Hopping

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A new day, a new game that is inspired by the now defunct Flappy Bird. And today that game is Hoppy Frog, a game different in gameplay mechanics but following the same retro look and incredible difficulty. We are here to help you get as far as possible in the game with a set of Hoppy Frog cheats, actually a series of tips and tricks that will keep you hopping away from the shark to a high score like you’ve never seen.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Hoppy Frog cheats and tips!

1. Plan your moves with the shark
You don’t want to become shark food right now, so it would be best to plan your moves by following the shark movement. At first, you should be far ahead of it but eventually it will catch up. When its fin is right under the cloud you’re on, it will try to eat you. Time your jump in such a way that you jump exactly when the shark jumps to eat you. This way you will have a couple more seconds to plan your next move.

2. Think quick, act quicker
Of course, Hoppy Frog is not a thinking game. The faster your reflexes, the better and farther you will get. However, there are moments when you have to wait for the clouds to position in a perfect order, so don’t hurry. Instead, be smart, think quick and act as soon as possible.

3. Learn to use the parachute
The parachute can save your Hoppy Frog life on numerous occasion, but if you misuse it, it can send you just over the cloud. The use of the parachute can make the difference between a pro and a beginner and you have to keep using it to learn when and how to activate it. When I first started to play, I activated it far too often and flew just over the cloud I was aiming for. Usually, it’s good to use when you want to gain some distance and reach the center or far right of a cloud.

4. Plan your jumps over the black clouds
Black clouds are heavy and as soon as you land on them, they start going down. This means that they require extra planning: check out what’s coming after the black cloud and make sure to jump on it at the right time, when you can immediately jump off it on safe clouds.

5. Avoid the eels
As if sharks and falling clouds were not enough, there are eels that will make your life miserable in Hoppy Frog. You will know where an eel will appear when there is no cloud under the insect you have to collect. Plan your jumps accordingly (and use the parachute at maximum height) to jump over the eel onto the next platform. This is, in my opinion, the most difficult part of the game.

And there you have it! Our Hoppy Frog tips and tricks that will helpfully help you get a score as high as possible. This game is very difficult, but not impossible and once you get some experience, you will perform wonders.


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