Hellrider Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

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Hellrider is a brand new iPhone and iPad one-tap endless runner that involves insane speeds, sudden and confusing turns and twists and a guy riding his motorcycle through hell to smash skeletons and other monsters just for fun. In other words, we’re talking here about a really nice game, extremely addictive and insanely difficult. That’s why we decided to come and hopefully help you a little with some Hellrider cheats and tips that will hopefully improve your game just enough to get the next best score and at least beat your friends at this.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Hellrider tips, tricks and strategies for a perfect run!

Hit as many skeletons as possible: that’s the only thing you should be focusing on in this game, because that’s the only thing that gives you points. However, you don’t have to be reckless: risking it all for a skeleton hit, resulting in you hitting an obstacle will end the game, so it’s best to try and focus on the road, go as far as possible and get the skeletons naturally while keeping your eye on the road. But don’t avoid them. Go at them. Blast them away!

Learn to go straight – that’s by quickly tapping the screen or, most importantly, when changing the direction between stages, by not tapping the screen – go straight for as long as possible to increase your chances of surviving.

Defeat the bosses after practicing a lot: initially, I thought that I will eventually get past the bosses, but they throw bombs at you, meteorites are falling from the sky and everything is difficult like hell. However, there is a trick here too: run into the bombs that don’t have a fuse (so those that won’t explode) and you will pick them up and you’ll have the chance to throw them back at the boss. That’s the way to destroy them and that’s the way to do it!

Always collect the hearts. They give you a free life (or more if you collect more) and the chance to keep going after you die. So you should do everything you can to get them: the more continues you get, the farther you will go and the better your chances will be at scoring insanely high.

These are for now our Hellrider tips and cheats. If you have other suggestions, let us know by commenting below.


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