Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How To Get More Spell Energy In The Game

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There are quite a few ways for you to get more Spell Energy in Wizards Unite, but no matter what – it never seems to give you enough (especially if you frequently run into encounters).

I personally have had a short walk around part of the city center, and I somehow managed to get quite a bit of Spell Energy back from visiting a few Inns, but definitely not enough to keep up with my Foundables encounters (which are quite often).

So if you had the same problem as me, and if you don’t always have time to go taking kilometer-long walks around the busiest parts of the city (where the most Inns usually are), then let me break down to you all the ways that you can get Spell Energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite!

But first things first, let’s start with the very basics:

What is Spell Energy?

Spell Energy is basically the energy you spend whenever you cast a spell during a Foundable – Confoundable encounter. It is not replenished over time, so if you were hoping for that, HPWU isn’t that generous.

Spell Energy is represented by the blue lightning icon, and you can check it anytime when you open your Suitcase -> Vault (check in the top left corner right next to your Gold) or during any encounter in the bottom left corner.

Since Spell Energy will not replenish over time, there are other ways to get it, and this is exactly what we will cover in today’s article: how to get more Spell Energy in HPWU!

How to get more Spell Energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

There are a few ways to get more Spell Energy in the game, and if you want a complete list of all the ways that you can get it, then you’re in the right place! Let’s get started:

– You can acquire more Spell Energy by visiting Inns. In the Inns you will have to cast Accio and that is going to swap and mix all the possible dishes available in front of you, then serve one to you.

This can give you any amount of Spell Energy, depending on the dish you get, but either way any amount is good!

** Inns have 5 minutes cooldown between visits.

– You can get more Spell Energy by completing Daily Assignments. Certain Daily Assignments give you Spell Energy as reward! (they are usually super simple anyway)

– You have a chance to acquire Spell Energy from Greenhouses. At Greenhouses, much like with the Inns, you can try your luck – pick out a pot from the 3 given.

You will mostly get Potion ingredients (which is what Greenhouses are mainly used for), but sometimes you can also get Spell Energy (this is less reliable than Inns as it’s more based on luck).

** Greenhouses have a 5 minutes cooldown between visits.

– You can get more Spell Energy by logging in the game daily and claiming your Daily Rewards!

Simply open the menu on the right (Daily Assignments) then head over to the other tab in the top side – Daily Treasure! There, on certain days you can log in and collect quite a lot of Spell Energy (up to 11!).

– You can buy Spell Energy from the Shop! Last but not least, you can spend your hard earned Gold in Diagon Alley to buy Spell Energy (open your Suitcase -> Vault ->Diagon Alley -> Wiseacres tab).

It’s not the best way, but if you really have no other choices, it is A WAY. It will cost 100 Gold to buy 50 Spell Energy.

I personally don’t recommend it, but I have been in a position where I had no Spell Energy left and I ran into some pretty good encounters, so I had to buy it from the Shop… kinda sad to see 100 Gold go.

– If you are still at the beginning, you can claim your Complimentary Gift of extra 50 Spell Energy! To do this, simply head on to the Diagon Alley (Suitcase -> Vault -> Diagon Alley -> Featured tab) and scroll all the way to the bottom.

There you will be able to claim your gift within the first 15-16 hours (if I am remembering well).

– Pay attention to certain in-game events which can give out extra Spell Energy! There will be pop-up announcements in the game, so you can’t miss them!

And these would be the methods that you have on hand for getting extra spell energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Did you manage to find other ways to replenish energy fast? Let us know by commenting below!


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