Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How To Get More Scrolls And Spell Books

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If you want to level up your character’s profession as fast as possible and build your dream character, you will need a lot of scrolls and spellbooks. And we’re here to help you get them faster than the rest, with our Wizards Unite guide to getting more scrolls and spell books.

The thing is, in this game you really won’t be getting the typical “skill points” whenever you level up, but instead you will get various rewards, as for the skills, you will be able to learn them by collecting Scrolls and Spell Books.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – What are Scrolls?

The Scrolls are basically your main way of unlocking nodes in the skill tree. Some of the nodes can be unlocked with Scrolls alone, while others will need Spell Books as well, but we will cover this more in detail below.

The Scrolls can be obtained through various in-game actions, such as completing quests, from leveling up rewards, completing Achievements and much more. (I’ll write below all the ways that you can get them)

Basically think of them as the equivalent of “skill points” in any other game, but obtainable in other ways than just leveling up.

The more nodes you will unlock in your skill tree, the more expensive in terms of Scrolls your nodes will start to cost, so you will need quite to play for quite a bit if you want to get all the best nodes.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – What are Spell Books?

The Spell Books, much like Scrolls, are going to allow you to learn skills. They are usually needed when you want to unlock more powerful nodes, and sometimes Spells too, but they aren’t as easy to obtain as the Scrolls.

There are only two ways to get Spell Books in the game, and they will not always come easy.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How to get more Scrolls?

I will mention here a full list of all the possible ways that you can acquire Scrolls, so you will know exactly how you can always get as many as possible every single day:

– You can get Scrolls by ranking up your Family in the Registry. Basically, open your Suitcase -> Registry -> Exploration, and for all of the 10 factions in game, you will have a rank.

The more Foundables belonging to that faction / family you return, the more points you will get in that category and rank up.

Whenever you rank up there, you will get a reward, and among those rewards there are Scrolls and Runestones (belonging to that Faction).

– You can get Scrolls by leveling up! For every new level you will receive a number of rewards, and among them you will find Scrolls as well. So keep on leveling up as there’s a long way to the maximum level in Wizards Unite!

– You can get Scrolls by completing Challenges. Head over to the Suitcase -> Registry -> Challenges tab. There, for every section you will be able to rank up, just like from Exploration.

– You can get Scrolls by completing certain in-game events. There, the more creatures you will discover, the more you will be able to increase your rank and get those rewards – but this greatly varies from event to event.

– You can get Scrolls by completing your daily quests! Open the Daily Assignments button on the bottom right and there you will see every day new quests, and amongst them you will also spot one which gives you Scrolls.

I suggest that you complete all the daily assignments every day, because all of the rewards are definitely worth it!

– You can claim Scrolls from certain days in the Daily Treasure tab. Right next to the Daily Assignments you will have Daily Treasure.

Here you can claim a ton of rewards for simply logging in to the game every day. They reset every month, so make sure you log in every day!

– Complete certain Achievements! For completing certain Achievements you will be rewarded with Scrolls!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How to get more Spell Books?

Now this is the slightly more tricky part! You will be able to get Spell Books in less ways than Scrolls, so that makes them much more precious – so if you want to change your Profession, you will have to think well about it beforehand. This is how you can get Spell Books:

– You can get Spell Books as reward by completing certain Achievements, just like with Scrolls.

– You can get Spell Books by completing Challenges! Whenever you go into a Fortress and start a challenge, once you succeed you will be granted Spell Books.

Now this is not that easy to do, and the more you progress the tougher it gets basically!

So eventually you might have to team up with someone, so make sure that you add a few friends if you haven’t done so already!

These are basically all the ways that you can get Scrolls and Spell Books in HPWU! Did I miss something? Do you know some other ways to get them than the ones I mentioned? Leave a comment down below and let us all know!


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