Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Professor Profession Guide

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In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the Professor is a Profession which is mostly balanced overall in stats and therefore is a perfect choice for most players who are a bit more casual than others. Professors are able to focus on both damage input and offering support to their team mates, so they are great in all situations.

And in today’s article, we’re going to talk about the Professor in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, learn more about them and see how to build a really good character with this profession.

Since they combine both offense and defense, they can easily offer a good (and welcomed) heal with their Mending Charm, while also being able to debuff the enemies. This makes them a pretty good and wanted Profession by many players (I have to say, more than half of my friends in the game are Professors).

As a Professor in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you should definitely place your skills first and foremost on The Deterioration Hex and Improved Deterioration Hex.

After this, you can start following the route to get a few Power nodes, The Open Mind and eventually Deterioration Hex Mastery.

Professors are weak against: Dark Forces

Professors are strong against: Curiosities

HPWU Professor Build:

In my opinion, no matter if you lean more towards the supportive side or more towards the solo play, there are some skills which I definitely suggest that you get, because they will help you either way.

Since Professor is such a balanced class, you will be able to take on various encounters alone, because of the very helpful heals that you have in your kit and also, if you go for the Power nodes early on, you will have both decent damage and sustain, so I think that it’s a very good choice.

My Professor build:

– In my opinion, you should definitely go for The Mending Charm, because whether or not you are a solo player or a support, it will be worth it.

– The path that I honestly prefer is the one which takes on a few Power nodes early in the game, because being a solo player I find it much easier this way. (therefore I like the Situational UnderstandingBook MatesRoom of Requirement nodes early on).

Go for these nodes:

– Ideal Exchange (1/1)

– Situational Understanding (2/2)

– The Deterioration Hex (1/1)

– Book Mates (2/2, get it right after Deterioration Hex)

– Room of Requirement (2/2 get it after Book Mates)

– The Mending Charm (1/1)

– A New Perspective (2/2 – or leave it 1/2 until you get Improved Deterioration Hex 2/2 and then come back and max it)

– Improved Deterioration Hex (2/2)

– Summer Reading (4/4)

– The Protection Charm (1/1)

– Wand Wizardry (3/3)

– Deterioration Hex Maxima (3/3)

– Attention to Detail (1/3)

– Subliminal Understanding (1/3)

– Pronunciation Proclamation (3/3)

– Legendary Lesson (1/3)

– The Dark Forces (1/2)

– The Proficiency Charm (1/1)

– Star Power (4/4)

– Fly on the Wall (4/4)

– The Open Mind (1/2)

– Deterioration Hex Mastery (2/2)

This would be my ideal choice for a build, in the exact order. Now if you want to have a little bit more impact during the encounters, you can start getting all the Crit nodes as well.

Either way, first and foremost you should focus on getting all the Deterioration Hex nodes because they will make a difference.

Once you got all these nodes, here are a few other nodes which I find very useful:

– Light Reading (2/2 – early node which is cheap and gives decent Crit)

– The Lost Masterpiece (3/3 for crit)

– American Ingenuity (3/3 for crit if you have Scrolls later on)

If you got those 3 and still have points to spend somehow, then two things: 1. you’re pretty mad – and 2. go for:

– Confronting the Faceless (1/3)

– Advanced Proficiency Charm (4/4)

This would be my Professor Profession build. As you probably noticed, it’s not super buff-oriented, because I really think that in single encounters you will have more use this way. It’s going to be pretty difficult to max everything out, but good luck!

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