Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Auror Profession Guide

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The Auror is one of the Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and it is basically focused on damage dealing and battling. And today we have a Harry Potter Wizards Unite Auror guide to share with you!

The Auror is represented by none other than Harry Potter, but there are other Aurors who have proven to be extremely powerful throughout the history.

When you are teamed up with an actual team, taking down encounters in Fortresses, you are going to be one of the main sources of damage, but this comes at the cost of HP.

You are not super tanky, so you will get hurt quite easily and you’ll have to brew a ton of Health Potions to keep you alive in long encounters.

The Aurors will need one main focus in their skill tree: Power! This will have a huge impact, as they are a pretty powerful class overall, but when you have them focused even more on Power from the skill tree, you will deal a ton of damage.

Aurors are weak against: Beasts

Aurors are strong against: Dark Forces

Auror Profession Build:

I am going to share with you my choice for the Auror Profession in terms of build, but it will have mostly Power nodes early on – so consider yourself warned!

I think that the class will scale better with Power, especially during the early levels, (and just a little bit of Critical Power) but if you don’t have enough scrolls, then leave out Critical Power for now.

I haven’t tried with Stamina, but maybe a nice combination between Stamina and Power could work too. Either way, I think that would work if you play solo, because then you might have to take on a few difficult encounters on your own so the HP might come in handy – but on the other hand you’d be passing on a lot of Power nodes.

My Auror build:

– I got The Bat-Bogey Hex without thinking thoroughly, but it is pretty OK – however, I don’t recommend that you get it if you don’t have extra Scrolls. Better go for something much more useful instead (like more Power!).

Steel Conviction I thought was OK, but again – if you don’t have extra points, don’t get this early on.

– You should definitely go for The Confusion Hex as early on as you can, by following the nodes build I mentioned below!

Go for these nodes:

– The Auror Advatage (1/1)

– The Flitwick Method (2/2)

– The Weakening Hex (1/1)

– Field Training (1/3 for now, max it later)

– Mind the Gaps (1/5 for now, max it later)

– Third Position (4/4)

– Self Reflection (1/4 for now, max it later)

– The Focus Charm (1/1)

– Somatic Casting (3/3)

– To Protect and Serve (1/4 for now, max it after you got the rest of the Power nodes)

– The Confusion Hex (1/1 – super important to rush to get this)

– Duelling Dummy (2/2)

After you made it this far, you can now go back and start maxing out the other nodes, starting with these:

– The Duellists (4/4)

– Punishment Principle (4/4)

– Walden Macnair (3/3)

– max the others I mentioned before (Field Training, Mind the Gaps, Self Reflection, To Protect and Serve)

After Confusion Hex and getting the other nodes, you can go for:

– The Criminal Mind (4/4)

– History of the Dark Arts (5/5)

– Thieves Survival Guide (1/4)

– Accelerating Blast (3/3)

– Light and Shadow Room (3/3)

– First Strike (1/1)

This would be my Auror Profession build. It will require a lot of Scrolls and Books to complete, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to be the next Harry Potter!

Don’t forget to check out our general professions guide and come back soon for more HPWU-related content!


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