Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Best PvP Deck

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PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is so much fun, if you have the best deck for PvP, of course. And that’s why I’m here, to give you the best deck for player vs. player and help you win.

Winning duels against other players might prove to be tricky if you don’t have the right deck. So play more and gather more cards to level up faster.

Make sure you upgrade your cards and your spellbook like I’ve shown you in my last article for Magic Awakened on how to increase your spellbook level.

If you like PvP so much, you can just work on your best PvP deck and spend all the money on that. I’ll show you below which is the best deck for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Best PvP Deck in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Piertotum Locomotor – Legendary: A great summoning card that keeps your enemy’s focus on something else while you deal more damage to them.

Thunderstorm – Legendary: Awesome for multiple enemies. No matter the number of summons or companions your opponent has on the floor, this card covers the entire area and deals damage to everyone.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Thunderstorm

Sectumsempra – Epic: Attacks the target and closeby enemies. This can be repeated up to 3 times.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Sectumsempra

Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-Bangs – Epic: Deals a lot of damage on the ground or air to all enemies within range.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-Bangs

In my opinion, is a bit better than Incendio if you keep your target put with a few summons or maybe using while the target is under Ventus control.

Ventus – Epic: A great controlling card that keeps your enemy away from you and gives you a chance to do some real damage from a distance.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Ventus

Incendio – Epic: Another good spell for multiple enemies that gives you a chance to get away and send some ranged spells at your opponent.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Incendio

Bombtastic Bomb Box – Epic: Best used with summons. The bombs increase the summon’s speed and travel with it toward the enemy. It explodes as soon as the ally-unit attacks and deals AoE damage.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Bombtastic Bomb Box

Three-headed Puppy – Epic: A good defense summon that will attack the enemy and can resist for quite some time due to its high HP.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Three-Headed Puppy

I bet he’s a Fluffy descendant and I know he’s going to do his job protecting you.

Wrapping up

If you have your deck ready for player vs. player dueling in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and all your important cards upgraded, you can easily throw yourself into some PvP and duel other players. The rewards are worth it.

Most of these cards are easy to get without spending any money, but of course, the best ones are left for the true fans and waiting for you to buy them.

Here’s the best free to play deck in Harry Potter: Magic Awakening, if you don’t want to spend any money.

If you want to be the best duelist on Harry Potter: Magic Awakened you got to have the best deck for PvP, but also know how to use them at the right time.


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